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  2. Key Highlights
  3. Various policy issues with specific relevance as per AD
  4. Obligation of Purchaser of Foreign Exchange


The Union Ministry of Commerce and business declared on Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2021, that the New Foreign policy 2021-2026 of Asian nation that is below formulation can get impact on Gregorian calendar month one, 2021. The policy is enforced for 5 years and an attempt to create an Asian nation a frontrunner in international trade.

Key Highlights

FTP 2015-20 was disclosed by Ms.Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State for Commerce & business, Government of Asian nation. Following are the highlights of FTP:

  • FTP 2015-20 provides a framework for increasing exports of products and services in addition to the generation of employment and increasing price addition within the country, in line with the ‘Make in India’ program.
  • The Policy aims to alter the Asian nations to retort to the challenges of the external setting, keeping in step with an apace evolving international mercantilism design and create trade a significant contributor to the country’s economic process and development.
  • FTP 2015-20 introduces 2 new schemes, specifically ‘Merchandise Exports of Indian Scheme (MEIS)’ for export of specific markets and ‘Services Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)’ for increasing exports of notified services.
  • Duty credit scrips issued below MEIS and SEIS and also the product foreign against these scrips square measure totally transferable.
  • For grant of rewards below MEIS, the countries are categorized into three teams, whereas the rates of rewards below MEIS vary from two percent to five percent. Below SEIS the chosen Services would be rewarded at the rates of three percent and five percent.
  • Measures are adopted to nudge procurment of capital product from native makers below the EPCG theme by reducing specific export obligation to 75per cent of the traditional export obligation.
  • Measures are taken to grant a lift to exports of defense and high-tech things.
  • E-Commerce exports of loom products, books/periodicals, animal skin footwear, toys, and bespoken fashion clothes through messenger or foreign post workplace would even be able to get the advantage of MEIS.
  • Manufacturers, UN agency also are standing holders, can currently be able to self-certify their factory-made product in phases, as originating from the Asian nation with a read to qualifying for advantageous treatment below varied varieties of bilateral and regional trade agreements. This ‘Approved businessperson System’ can facilitate manufacturer exporters significantly in obtaining quick access to international markets.
  • A variety of steps are taken for encouraging production and exports below one hundred percent EOU/EHTP/STPI/BTP Schemes. The steps embody a quick track clearance facility for these units, allowing them to share infrastructure facilities, allowing lay to rest unit transfer of products and services, allowing them to line up warehouses close to the port of export, and to use duty-free instrumentation for coaching functions.
  • 108 MSME clusters are known for targeted interventions to spice up exports. Consequently, the ‘NiryatBandhu Scheme’ has been galvanized and repositioned to attain the objectives of ‘Skill India’.
  • Trade facilitation and enhancing the convenience of doing business square measure the opposite major focus areas during this new FTP. One in every of the most important objective of recent FTP is to maneuver towards paperless operating in a 24×7 setting.

Various policy issues with specific relevancy as per AD

  • General Guidelines: Rules and rules to be followed by the AD class – I banks from the interchange angle whereas endeavor import payment transactions on behalf of their purchaser’s square measure started out within the following paragraphs.
  • Form A-1:  Submission of kind A-1 to AD banks won’t be necessary and before creating the payment for creating payments towards imports in an Asian nation, the AD bank can have to be compelled to make sure that all the requisite details square measure created offered by the businessperson and also the payment is for valid trade transactions as per applicable laws effective.
  • Import Licences: Aside from product enclosed within the negative list that needs license below the foreign policy effective, AD class – I banks could freely open letters of credit and permit remittances for import. whereas gap letters of credit, the ‘For Exchange management purposes’ copy of the license ought to be immersed and special conditions, if any, connected to such licenses ought to be adhered to.

Obligation of Purchaser of Foreign Exchange

 (i) In terms of Section 10(6) of the interchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA), any individual feat interchange is allowable to use it either for the aim mentioned within the declaration created by him to an Authorized Dealer class – I bank below Section 10(5) of the Act or to use it for the other purpose that acquisition of interchange is permissible below the same Act or Rules or rules framed there below.

(ii) wherever interchange no inheritable has been used for import of products into the Asian nation, the AD class – I bank ought to make sure that the businessperson furnishes proof all-important viz., Exchange management Copy of the Bill of Entry, communicating Appraisal kind or Customs Assessment Certificate, etc., and satisfy himself that product resembling the worth of payment are foreign.

(iii) Additionally to the allowable ways of payment for imports ordered down in Notification No.FEMA14/2000-RB dated third could 2000, payment for import also can be created by the method of credit to the non-resident account of the overseas businessperson maintained with a bank in the Asian nation.

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