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Women’s empowerment is a crucial part of India’s socio-economic growth. The government and lots of different agencies are endeavouring measures to any improve the case through varied policies focused on social reforms and generating employment opportunities. “One of the necessary factors that may cause women empowerment in India is their money independence. Women got to be scattered economically. This can build women self-directed and provide them the liberty to settle on. This can alter them to learn from the various choices out there at their power. This can build women’s lives enriching and joyful. Once a girl becomes financially freelance and might exercise her decisions, she will conjointly facilitate her mother, sister, daughter, and different women within the society to become scattered. This can elevate women’s position within the society and can herald equality,”

Banks Empowering women

Being the first pillars of the Indian economy, banks have a polar role to play as so much as women empowerment cares. Be it the schemes relating to academic funding at early age or money help for fixing a supply of livelihood; banks are necessary for enhancing money inclusion of girls within the Indian economy. Indicating a positive trend, the participation of girls within the banking sector has inflated over the years. Women’s account possession has inflated by thirty percent between 2014 and 2017. Further, twenty-nine percent of girls in India use digital payments. This rise is licensed to the Pradhan Mantri Gregorian calendar month Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). The globe Bank report conjointly suggests regarding gender gap of six percent in 2017, that is improvement because of being a decline from twenty p.c in 2014.

As banks are taking part in a serious role in scripting India’s growth story, transferring the much-needed amendment across the country, they’re conjointly taking part in a significant role in women empowerment, Rashi Aditi Ghosh of Elets News Network (ENN) explores. The banking sector in Asian countries is growing by leaps and bounds. Schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gregorian calendar month Dhan Yojna, introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government in 2014, have helped double the country’s adult population with a checking account, as compared to 2011.

Multiple ways

  • Bank Accounts: World Bank’s Empowering women through money report “women are a lot of possible to avoid wasting, allocate and invest cash to be protected against sudden expenses, and in their children’s education; giving a chance for an improved bread and butter to the following generation” Once women get access to a checking account, their natural tendencies to avoid wasting are channelized during a productive money discipline that earns them interest and offers money security. They get the decision-making power on it cash that will increase the chance that it’s used for productive functions.
  • Educational Loans: An informed girl maybe presumably the most effective thanks to making sure that the following generation is additionally educated. Education helps women to apply the trade of their selection. Several banks provide academic help schemes for women at concessional terms and lower interest rates. Education helps during a huge approach in women empowerment.
  • Financial Assistance because of their entrepreneurial skills, a variety of girls these days are with success managing little and large businesses. Banks provide credits and loans to such businesses that facilitate women to grow their ventures. Several banks support small, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) specifically surpassing women beneath completely different programs. “The banking sector plays an essential role in spearheading the money inclusion of girls within the Indian economy. There are, and still exist, many socio-cultural barriers for actuality money inclusion of girls. Now, there are many women central or women-only money schemes introduced by banks to form banking services accessible to women all over – cutting across geographies and socioeconomic categories – adding impetus to women empowerment,” same Rati Shetty, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, BankBazaar. “There are women-special home loans and automotive loans with lower interest rates and different remunerative options if the first someone may be a girl, or if the primary co-applicant, just in case of a joint application, is a woman.”
  • Priority Banking (Mahila Banks): A bank withdrawal by women may be a thought wherever priority is given entirely to women’s empowerment. Community-based Mahila Banks are coming upon in some elements of India wherever the native women run the bank providing edges to area people women. This can be an innovative approach to encourage women to require edges of banking in male-dominated communities. “The large significance as money inclusion is that the opening move to women empowerment. The bank provided straightforward collateral-free loans moreover as insurance and pension policies to a girl that brings them a chance to be financially freelance and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Technological advances have created it easier for women to try and do banking that they earlier had to rely on a male member or a 3rd party. Mobile banking and digital payments eliminate the necessity for women to form visits to banks and permit them to conduct banking transactions from their homes,”.

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