Things you will know after reading this article:

  • What is a commercial vehicle loan?
  • Types of commercial vehicle loan
  • Who can avail it?
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Benefits
  1. What is a commercial vehicle loan?

As unfamiliar as it may sound, commercial vehicle loans are the back bone of most of the business and companies. Each business or trade at a point involves transport of goods or other materials, for which a commercial vehicle is the way to go. Now, the usual trucks we see on the road every day, costs to a minimum of Rs.12,45000/Piece. A company requires regular to-and-fro movement of its goods, and needs more than just one commercial vehicle. In order to purchase enough vehicles for trade, they at times reach out to a lender or a bank for a commercial vehicle loan.

Let us discuss what is a Commercial vehicle loan, and its whereabouts:-

A commercial vehicle loan is a sum of money borrowed by businesses, or companies for purchasing vehicles like buses, trucks, tippers, and small commercial vehicles. The loan can be availed by partnerships or trust funds as well.

2. What are the types of commercial vehicle loans?

There is a list of number of types of loans available, containing a lot of variations. They are listed below:

  1. New business vehicle advance

This sort of business vehicle credit is given to the clients to the acquisition of new plug vehicles for business reason. Banks offer up to 100% subsidizing on the body or base casing estimation of the vehicle. A portion of the banks give extra subsidizing to the body development of the vehicles in particular cases dependent on the borrower’s profile.

  • Old business vehicle credit

Old or utilized business vehicle credit are those advances which are offered to buy all makes of used or utilized business vehicles. Under this credit, borrowers can hope to get money against old vehicles which are as long as 15 years of age. The greater part of the banks give up to 90% financing on the trade-in vehicle’s worth or deterioration framework esteem.

  • Commercial vehicle renegotiating

Under business vehicle renegotiating, banks either offer credit on a current vehicle which is liberated from advance or assume control over a current business vehicle advance and give extra money to it dependent on qualification. While a few borrowers can diminish the month to month EMIs of their current advance and let loose some money by renegotiating a current advance at lower loan fees, some others can get immediate account on their free vehicles to meet the working capital needs.

Now we know what is a commercial loan and its types. The question stands,

3. Who can avail a commercial vehicle loan?

  • First-time clients and purchasers
  • Little, medium and huge measured armada proprietors
  • Ownership firms and Partnership firms
  • Open Limited and Private Limited Companies
  • Trusts and social orders
  • Schools and universities
  • Hostage clients and carriers

4. Who is considered eligible for applying for a commercial vehicle loan?

For new commercial vehicles

  • Salaried borrowers ought to have over 2 years of work strength and independently employed people must have at any rate 2 years of business experience.
  • Private/Limited organizations, association firms, trusts, social orders and affiliations must be in presence for least 2 years.
  • Armada administrators and other existing vehicle proprietors require to have 1 to 3 years of vehicle possession confirmation of a couple of business vehicles.
  • Private/Limited organizations, association firms, trusts and social orders Companies need to give 2 years of reviewed financials.
  • Inner/outside underwriter required some of the time if there should be an occurrence of people, first-time purchasers and armada administrators/proprietors.
  • The clients need to have least private dependability of 2 years. *(Borrowers with lesser soundness are exposed to specific terms and conditions).

For old business vehicles

  • Borrowers applying for a business vehicle credit for old vehicles need to satisfy the accompanying models alongside the fundamental ones:
  • Clients need to have significant experience of 3 to 5 years relying upon singular profile.
  • Least 1 year of responsibility for least 2 vehicles.
  • In any event 1 year reimbursement track of business vehicles.

5. Benefits of availing a commercial vehicle loan:

  • Business vehicle credit stands apart to be the most favored alternative for borrowers who are either meaning to purchase their first business vehicle or wanting to add another vehicle to their current armada of business vehicles because of the plenty of advantages that it offers. A portion of the stunning advantages offered by these kind of advances are as per the following:
  • Adaptable reimbursement residency Usually, the reimbursement residency offered in business vehicle advance is as long as 5 years. This guarantees low EMI sum to the borrowers empowering them to take care of the EMIs with no unnecessary money related weight.
  • Various vehicle financing-Whether you are an individual borrower or an armada proprietor, you can get fund for an assortment of vehicles, for example, tippers, trucks, transports, trailers, big haulers, and other little and light business vehicles to develop your business.
  • Simple handling The way toward applying for a business vehicle credit is simple, quick and helpful. After the accommodation of all the necessary reports, banks normally take 4-5 days to process another or utilized vehicle advance application.
  • Basic documentation-Commercial vehicle credits accompany a problem free and brisk documentation process. The clients can undoubtedly transfer all the ordered records online without visiting the bank legitimately.
  • Takes into account numerous necessities: The advance plans are intended to take into account the borrowers’ assorted prerequisites including new and utilized vehicle financing, top up on existing advance and renegotiating of credits/vehicles for working capital.
  • Redone arrangements: In request to meet the particular necessities of the clients, each business vehicle credit plot is modified by the vehicle type, advance span and budgetary capacity of every individual borrower.


A commercial loan is the smart and convenient way to move your business and trade forward, as the easy application and high chances of sanctioning with the facility of co-applicants makes it more do-able than ever!