2. The major provisions covered in FEMA, 1999

3. FEMA 1999 up to date amendments

4. Compounding provisions under FEMA

5. Offences compoundable under the Act

6. Highlights of FEMA


Foreign Exchange Management Act or in brief (FEMA) is an associate act that gives pointers for the free flow of interchange in the Asian nations. It’s brought a brand new management regime of interchange in step with the rising framework of the globe Trade Organization (WTO). Interchange Management Act was earlier called FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act), which has been found to be unsuccessful with the pro-liberalisation policies of the government of Asian nation. Thus, the main objective for which FEMA was introduced in Indian was to facilitate external trade and payments.

The major provisions covered in FEMA, 1999

  • Dealing in interchange, etc.
  • Holding of interchange, etc.
  • Current account transactions.
  • Capital account transactions.
  • Export of products and services.
  • Realization and homecoming of the interchange.
  • Exemption from realization and homecoming inbound cases.
  • Provisions regarding authorized persons.

FEMA 1999 up to date amendments

Amendment to Schedule 1: In the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident outside India)  Within the interchange laws, 2000, in Schedule one, once the present clause (iii), the subsequent shall be value-added, namely: against the other funds due by the investee company, remittent of that doesn’t need previous permission of the government or depository financial institution of India underneath independent agency, 1999 or any rules/ laws framed or directions issued under it, provided that:

i. The equity shares shall be issued in accordance with the surviving FDI pointers on sectoral caps, evaluation pointers, etc. as amended by depository financial institution of Asian nation, from time to time;

ii. The difficulty of equity shares underneath this provision shall be subject to tax laws as applicable to the funds due and also the conversion to equity ought to be the internet of applicable taxes.

Compounding provisions under FEMA

Contravention could be a breach of the provisions of the interchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999 and rules/ regulations/ notification/ orders/ directions/ circulars issued there underneath. Combination refers to the method of voluntarily admitting the resistance, pleading guilty, and seeking redressal. In terms of Section fifteen of the independent agency 1999, any resistance underneath section thirteen of independent agency 1999 could, on the associate application created by the person committing such resistance, be combined at intervals 100 and eighty days from the date of receipt of the application by the officers of the depository financial institution

 Offences compoundable under the Act

  • Section fifty-six (6) – non-compliance regarding transfer and transmission of securities;
  • Section 64(2) – failure notice to lean to the registrar for the alteration of share capital;
  • Section ninety-nine – default in holding of Annual General Meeting;

Laws governing combination: The following laws covering the combination of contraventions underneath FEMA:

  • Section thirteen of independent agency covers penalties in respect contraventions that area unit combined.
  • Section fourteen of independent agency social control of the order of judgment Authority.
  • Section fifteen of independent agency 1999 covers powers to compound contraventions and empowers the combination Authority to compound the contraventions.
  • Master Direction – reportage underneath interchange Management Act,1999 (Updated as on Gregorian calendar month 04, 2019)
  • Master Direction- a combination of Contraventions underneath independent agency, 1999 (Updated as on Gregorian calendar month 04, 2019)
  • Foreign Exchange(Compounding Proceedings) Rules, 2000 (the Rules) as amended time to time, lay down the essential framework for combination method

Highlights of FEMA

  • It prohibits interchange dealing undertaken aside from associate authorized person;
  • It additionally makes it clear that if any individual residing in an Asian nation, received any For-ex payment (without there being a corresponding inward remittent from abroad) the involved person shall be deemed to possess received the payment from a non-authorized person.
  • There are seven styles of accounting transactions, that area unit wholly prohibited, and so no group action will be undertaken regarding them. These embody group action regarding lotteries, soccer pools, illegal magazines, and some others.
  • FEMA and also the connected rules offer full freedom to Resident of India to carry or own or transfer any foreign security or immobile property set outside India.
  • Similar freedom is additionally given to a resident un agency inherits such security or immobile property from associate ROI.
  • An ROI is allowable to carry shares, securities, and properties non-inheritable by him whereas he was a Resident or heritable such properties from a Resident.
  • The exchange has drawn also can be used for purpose aside from that it’s drawn provided drawl of exchange is otherwise allowable for such purpose.
  • Certain prescribed limits are well increased. As an example, residence currently going abroad for business purposes or for collaborating in conferences seminars won’t like the RBI’s permission to avail interchange up to US$. 25,000 per trip regardless of the amount of keep, basic travel quota have been enlarged from the present US$ 3,000 to US$ 5,000 per yr.

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