1. Cash Credit
  2. Overdraft
  3. Loans
  4. Demand Loan Vs Term Loan
  5. Secured Vs Unsecured Loan
  6. Participation Loan or pool Loan
  7. Purchasing and Discounting Bills

Cash Credit

Cash Credit is an appointment by that the client is allowed to borrow cash up to a definite limit referred to as the ‘cash credit limit’. Usually, the receiver is needed to supply security within the type of a pledge or hypothecation of tangible securities. Sometimes, this facility is additionally provided against personal security. This is a permanent arrangement and therefore the client needn’t draw the sanctioned quantity quickly however draw the number as and once needed.

He will restore any surplus quantity that he might notice with him. So money credit is a full of life and running account to that deposits and withdrawals could also be affected oftentimes.

Interest is charged just for the quantity withdrawn and not for the complete amount approved. If the client doesn’t use the money limit to the foil extent, a commitment charge is created by the bank. This charge is obligatory on the un-utilized portion of money credit solely.

Cash credit provides Associate in nursing elastic type of borrowing since the limit fluctuates in line with the requirements of the business. Money credits square measure the foremost favourable mode of funding by massive business and industrial issues.


Oxford wordbook of Finance and Banking defines bill of exchange as “a loan created to a client with a cheque account at a bank or savings and loan, during which the account is allowed to travel into debt, sometimes up to a nominative limit”. According to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s wordbook, bill of exchange suggests that “A quantity of cash that a client with a checking account is briefly allowed to owe to the bank or the agreement that permits this”.

The economic expert defines Associate in nursing bill of exchange as “a credit facility that permits borrowers to draw upon it (up to a nominative limit) as and once they ought to. Borrowers pay just for what they use”.

Overdraft is an appointment between a banker Associate in nursing his client by that the latter is allowed to withdraw over and higher than his credit balance within the accounting up to an in agreement limit. This can be solely a short lived accommodation sometimes granted against security.

The receiver is permissible to draw and repay any range of times, provided the whole quantity overdrawn doesn’t exceed the in agreement limit. The interest is charged just for the quantity drawn and not for the complete amount sanctioned.

A money credit differs from Associate in nursing bill of exchange in one respect. Money credit is employed for semi-permanent by businesses in doing regular business whereas bill of exchange is created often and for brief length. Banks typically grant unsecured overdrafts for little amounts to customers having an accounting with them. Such customers could also be government workers with fastened financial gain or traders. Temporary overdrafts square measure permissible solely wherever a reliable supply of funds is obtainable to a receiver for compensation.


As outlined in Oxford wordbook of Finance and Banking, the loan is that the “money season on condition by a bank that it’s repaid, either in instalments or all quickly, on in agreement dates and frequently that the receiver pays the loaner Associate in Nursing in agreement rate of interest.

Oxford wordbook of Finance and Banking defines loan as “a nominative total of cash season by a bank to a client, sometimes for a nominative time, at a nominative rate of interest”.

Demand Loan Vs Term Loan

The loan could also be a requirement loan or a term loan.

A demand loan is due on demand. It’s for a brief amount and frequently granted to fullfill the capital wants of the receiver. Term loans could also be medium-term or semi-permanent. Medium-term loans square measure granted for an amount starting from one year to 5 years for vehicles, tools, and instrumentation. Long-term loans square measure granted for capital expenditures like the acquisition of land, construction of works building, purchase of recent machinery and modernization of plant.

Secured Vs Unsecured Loan

According to section 5(e) of the Bank firms Act, 1991, “Secured loan or advance suggests that such a loan or advance as created against the protection assets, value of that isn’t at any suggests that but the number of such loan or advance and unsecured loan or advance is that loan or advance or a part of it doesn’t need enabling against the security”.

Participation Loan or pool Loan

Where one single loan is granted by quite one funding agency, it’s termed as a participation or pool loan. Such participation becomes necessary wherever either the chance concerned is just too massive for one or a lot of the collaborating establishments to require singly or there square measure body or different difficulties in union and follow from the loan.

Purchasing and Discounting Bills

Bills of exchange, as outlined within the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1 SSI, is “an instrument in writing containing Associate in Nursing unconditional order, signed by the maker, directional a definite person to pay (on-demand or at a hard and fast or discoverable future time) a definite total cash solely to, or to the order of, a definite person or to the bearer of the instrument”. Banks grant advances to their customers by discounting bills of exchange. The net quantity, when deducting the number of interest/discount from the number of the installment, is attributable within the account of the client.

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