1. Term Deposits
  2. Characteristics of Term Deposits
  3. Type of Term Deposits

Term Deposits

  • A term deposit may be a style of time deposit account control at an establishment wherever cash is bolted up for a few set amounts of your time.
  • Term deposits are sometimes short-run deposits with maturities starting from one month to many years.
  • Typically, term deposits provide higher interest rates than ancient liquid savings accounts, whereby customers will withdraw their cash at any time.

Characteristics of Term Deposits

Term Deposits have distinctive financial options that have created them fashionable among the investment circles. The essential characteristics of term deposits are:

  • Fixed-rate of interest: The speed of interest for term deposits are mounted and doesn’t seem to be subject to fluctuations within the market.
  • Safety of investment: Since interest rates of the term deposit don’t seem to be littered with the changes within the economy, it’s one of the safest investment choices out there.
  • Present investment period: The capitalist has the liberty to settle on the tenor of the investment supported by the plans offered by the establishment. ordinarily, the charge per unit offered by the establishment is higher for an extended tenor. however, it’s well to check the interest to tenor ratios before creating the investment.
  • Interest Payment: The capitalist has the choice to settle on to receive the interest financial gain either on maturity or sporadically – monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Wealth Generation:  The stable interest received on the investment ensures that the investors’ wealth grows even throughout tough times within the market.
  • Rollover: Capitalist World Health Organization doesn’t need their cash on the maturity of the term deposit has choice to roll over the deposit for a recent term. ‘Rollover’ refers to the reinvesting of maturity yield during a new term deposit and adding on to the interest. So, capitalists oughtn’t utilize their cash as presently because the term deposit matures.
  • Penalty on premature withdrawal: Since term deposits accompany a set tenor, it’s thought-about ‘locked-in’. If the capitalist opts to withdraw from the deposit before the lock-in amount ends they’re prone to pay a penalty to the establishment in conjunction with down interest financial gain.
  • Loan against deposit: If during a contingent scenario the capitalist wants money liquidity, they’ll avail a loan of up to 60-75% of the deposit quantity.
  • Taxation on interest: Beneath the Tax Act, the interest earned on the deposit is a rateable financial gain and may be subject to a Tax subtracted at the supply (TDS).
  • Low investment limit: The lower limit of investment varies as per the establishment; however, the lower limit is mostly Rs a thousand. Although, there’s no higher limit on what proportion is often endowed in term deposits.
  • Deposit insurance: Beneath the run rules, deposit during a certified bank is eligible for an insurance cowl of up to Rs one large integer beneath the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC).

Type of Term Deposits

There are 2 kinds of Term Deposits:

  • Recurring Deposits
  • Fixed Deposits

Recurring Deposit: In a continual Deposit, a set total of cash is endowed at a set interval. In most cases, this interval is once a month. The investments earn interest on them until the maturity amount. to place it merely, a continual Deposit is like a gap many different mounted Deposits, every with an identical maturity amount. Once the total of cash and therefore the tenure of the continual Deposit is mounted, it can’t be modified. Premature withdrawal is feasible, however, there’ll be a penalty within the rate of interest that’s given by the bank. The minimum continual Deposit quantity is Rs. 1,000 and maybe multiplied in multiples of Rs. 100. The minimum amount of investment for a continual Deposit is six months and therefore the most amount is ten years. the speed of interest on continual Deposit ranges between seven-membered to 9/11. Some banks give choice to convert a continual Deposit to a set Deposit on maturity.

Fixed Deposit: Fixed Deposits area unit deposits wherever a specific total of cash is endowed for a set period. The period of mounted Deposits is versatile. It will vary from seven days to ten years. the speed of interest for the mounted Deposit depends on the amount that the funds are bolted in. Just like a continual Deposit, a set Deposit quantity can’t be withdrawn till the maturity amount. Premature withdrawal is allowed when the bank charges a penalty within the rate of interest. The minimum quantity of investment for a set Deposit is Rs. 5,000. the speed of interest on the mounted Deposit ranges from four-dimensional to 7.5%. you’ll be able to conjointly calculate your rate of interest exploitation the FD calculator. Some banks give the choice of a sweep-out facility wherever the number higher than a specific balance during a bank account is mechanically reborn to a set Deposit. This helps the bank account earn a lot of interest.