1. Outcomes under NPV vs IRR

2. Conflicts between NPV vs IRR

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of IRR

Outcomes under NPV vs IRR

Both strategies show comparable results concerning “accept or reject” selections wherever freelance investment project proposals area unit involved. During this case, the 2 proposals don’t contend, and that the area unit accepted or rejected supported the minimum rate of come back on the market.

Conventional proposals typically involve a money outflow throughout the initial stage and area unit sometimes followed by a variety of money inflows. Such similarities arise throughout the method of decision-making. With NPV, proposals area unit sometimes accepted if they need a web positive price, whereas IRR is commonly accepted if the ensuing IRR includes a higher price compared to the prevailing discontinue rate. Comes with a positive web gift price conjointly show the next internal rate of coming back larger than the bottom price.

Conflicts between NPV vs IRR

In the case of reciprocally exclusive comes that area unit competitive such acceptance of either blocks acceptance of the remaining one, NPV and IRR typically offer contradicting results. NPV might lead the project manager or the engineer to simply accept one project proposal whereas the interior rate of comeback might show the opposite because the most favourable. Such a form of conflict arises because of a variety of issues.

For one, conflicting results arise attributable to substantial variations within the quantity of capital outlay of the project proposals beneath analysis. Sometimes, the conflict arises because of problems with variations in income temporal order and patterns of the project proposals or variations within the expected service amount of the planned come.

When round-faced by tough things and a selection should be created between 2 competitive comes, it’s best to settle on a project with a bigger positive web price by victimization cut-off rate or a fitting value of capital.

The reason the 2 abovementioned choices work is as a result of a company’s objective is increasing its shareholder’s wealth, and also the best thanks to doing this is selecting a project that comes with the very best web gift price. Such a project exerts a positive result on the worth of shares and also the wealth of shareholders.

So, NPV is way a lot of reliable compared to IRR and is that the best approach once ranking comes that area unit reciprocally exclusive. Actually, NPV is taken into account as the simplest criterion once ranking investments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV


  • Time price of cash is given a lot of importance i.e., the worth of cash nowadays is quite the worth of cash received a year from currently.
  • Project profitableness & risk factors area unit is given high priority.
  • It helps you to maximize your wealth because it can show area unit your returns larger than its value of capital or not.
  • It takes into thought each before & when income over the lifetime of a project.


  • It may not provide you with the correct call once the 2 or a lot of comes area unit of unequal life.
  • It won’t offer clarity on however long a project or investment can generate positive NPV because of easy calculation.
  • NPV methodology suggests simply accept that investment arrange that provides positive NPV, however, it doesn’t give a correct answer at what amount of your time you may bring home the bacon positive NPV.
  • Calculating the suitable discount rate for money flows is tough.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IRR


  • This approach is generally employed by money managers because it is expressed in share type; therefore it’s simple for them to check the desired value of capital.
  • It can give you glorious steering on a project’s price and associated risk.
  • IRR methodology offers you the advantage of knowing the particular returns of the cash that you endowed nowadays.


  • IRR tells you to simply accept the project or investment arrange wherever the IRR is larger than the weighted cost of capital, however just in case if the discount rate changes each year, and then it’s tough to form such a comparison.
  • If their area unit 2 or a lot of reciprocally exclusive comes (they area unit the comets wherever acceptance of 1 project rejects the opposite comes from concern) then in this case, IRR isn’t effective.

Net gift price will be evaluated by calculative the distinction between the current price of the money inflows and also the money outflows’ present price. Infobahn gift price takes the duration of cash into thought. Infobahn gift price methodology is employed for the aim of evaluating investment plans or comes wherever there’s a break of fluctuations in money flows.

On the opposite hand, the interior rate of coming back methodology cannot be accustomed measure comes that have fluctuation in money flows. Web gift price could be a versatile methodology, and it will be simply understood by the general public at giant, whereas the interior rate of coming back is inflexible, and business managers will solely comprehend it. Web gift price will even measure further wealth, whereas, on the opposite hand, the interior rate of comeback cannot measure further wealth.

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