1. COPRA
  2. Purpose of the Act
  3. Objectives
  4. Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies
  5. Features of consumer protection Act


The Consumer Protection Act, scope is to produce for higher protection of the interest of the shoppers and for the aim to create provisions for the institution of client Councils and alternative authorities for providing speedy solutions within the settlement of client disputes and for matters connected thereupon. Coconut stands for client Protection Act that was applied on 1986 to shield shoppers from pretend market value, ending dates and to aware shoppers regarding importance of shopper’s rights. Its options are: Applies to any or all product and services unless specifically exempted by the union government.

Purpose of the Act

To promote client education, to determine a legal framework for the action of a client market that’s honest, accessible, efficient, property and accountable, to push honest business practices, to shield shoppers from unfair, unreasonable and/or improper trade practices. This Act is thought to be the ‘Magna Carta’ within the field of client protection for checking unfair trade practices, ‘defects in goods’ and ‘deficiencies in services’ as so much as Asian country cares. It’s LED to the institution of a widespread network of client forums and appellant courts everywhere Asian country. It considerably compact however businesses approach client complaints and have authorized shoppers to a bigger extent.


  • The correct to be protected against the selling of products and services that square measure venturous to life and property.
  • The correct to learn regarding the standard, quantity, potency, purity, normal and value of products or services, because the case is also to shield the patron against unfair trade practices;
  • The correct to be assured, where attainable, access to a range of products and services at competitive costs;
  • The correct to be detected and to be assured that consumer’s interest can receive due thought at applicable forums;
  • The correct to hunt redressal against unfair trade practices or restrictive trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of shoppers
  • The correct to client education.

Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies

  • District client Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF): additionally referred to as the “District Forum” established by the government in every district of the State. The State Governments might establish quite one District Forum in an exceedingly district. It’s a district-level court that deals with cases valuing up to ₹2 million (US$28,000).
  • State client Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC): additionally referred to as the “State Commission” established by the government within the State. It’s a state-level court that takes up cases valuing but (US$140,000)
  • National client Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC): Established by the Central Government. It deals with matters of quite ten million.

Features of client protection Act

  • This Act applies to any or all sorts of product, services and unfair trade practices unless there’s specific exemption created by the central government.
  • All the sector whether or not they are personal, public or cooperative is roofed underneath this Act.
  • This Act provides client 3 tiers redressal system. There’s redressal forums at centre, state and District levels for providing justice to the victim client. 3 tiers are:-
  • National commission: – Section twenty to 27A of the Act talks regarding the composition of the commission, applications of the criticism, procedures, appeal etc. These sections says that the national commission ought to be shaped that consists of the president and 4 members. The criticism should exceed quantity of 1 core. The products if found defective once testing square measure asked for replacement or compensation for that defects. If associate party is discontented by the order of national commission then will file an attractiveness to Supreme Court inside thirty days.
  • State commission (Section 16-19A):- State commission is created by every state that incorporates 2 members and president. The criticism ought to be a minimum of quantity of twenty large integer and not exceed quite one core. If the products square measure found defective once testing then assured party square measure asked for replacement and compensation. If anybody isn’t glad with the choice then will attractiveness before of national commission inside thirty days.
  • District Forum (Section 9-15):- This forum is about up by the state at District level that consists of 2 members and a president. Among these members one ought to be lady and is appointed by the government. The complaint shouldn’t be pleased if quantity exceed twenty large integer. Once testing if the products square measure found to be defective then the suspect party ought to compensate associated an attractiveness to state commission inside thirty days is any discontentedness is there.
  • This Act is associate umbrella of legislation covering product and services however excluding all the transactions underneath taken by the person not returning under the reach of section 2(1)(d).
  • The legislative intention of client protection Act, 1986 was to produce cheap, straightforward and timely redressal of all client complaints.
  • This Act additionally talks regarding putting in place of the patron protection Council at Central, state and District level. That act as informatory bodies to shield and promote the correct of the patron. Section four to eight deals regarding client protection Councils.
  • Thus, it’s clear from the higher than mentioned options that the patron protection Act, 1986 aims to push and shield the correct of client by providing safeguards against differing kinds of exploitation vis aged by the shoppers.

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