1. Summary
  2. Objectives of EXIM Bank
  3. Functions of Exim Bank:
  4. Members in EXIM
  5. Financial Assistance Provided by EXIM Bank


Export-Import Bank of Republic of India (Exim Bank) was originated in 1982 by the Act of Parliament for funding, facilitating, and promoting India’s foreign trade. The Bank provides money similarly as added services to Indian exporters. Help is given to export-oriented units (EOUs) by the manner of term loans in Indian rupees or foreign currencies for fitting new production facilities, expansion/modernization or up-gradation of existing facilities, and for the acquisition of production instrumentation or technology. The Bank lays special stress on the extension of Lines of Credit to overseas entities, national governments, regional money establishments, and business banks. The Bank extends Buyers’ credit and Suppliers’ credit to finance and promote the Republic of India’s exports and additionally encompasses a program referred to as the Buyer’s Credit beneath National Export Insurance Account (NEIA) to facilitate medium and future exports from India.

To promote high-tech exports from the Republic of India, the Bank encompasses a disposal program to finance R&D activities of EOUs. The Bank encompasses a promoting informative  Services program, that has been helping Indian corporations in the identification of prospective business partners, facilitating placement of ultimate orders, and additionally identification of opportunities for fitting plants or comes or for the acquisition of corporations overseas. Exim Bank additionally encompasses a Grassroots Initiative and Development (GRID) program that primarily envisages supporting comparatively underprivileged sections of society whereas making swollen opportunities for ancient crafts persons and artisans and rural entrepreneurs of the country. The Bank encompasses a robust analysis team that permits exporters to judge international risks, faucet export opportunities, and improve aggressiveness, thereby serving them in their globalization efforts.

Objectives of EXIM Bank

To ensure an integrated and coordinated approach in determining the allied issues encountered by exporters in the Republic of India. To increase buyers’ credit and features of credit; to faucet domestic and foreign markets for resources for endeavor development and money activities within the export sector.

Functions of Exim Bank

The necessary functions of Exim Bank are as follows:

  • It provides direct money help to exporters of plant, machinery, and connected service within the sort of medium-term credit.
  • Underwriting the difficulty of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures of any company engaged in exports.
  • It provides a rediscount of export bills for an amount not surpassing ninety days against short-run usance export bills discounted by business banks.
  • The bank provides overseas consumers credit to foreign importers for the import of Indian capital products and connected services.
  • Developing and funding export-bound industries.
  • Collection and assembling the market and credit data regarding foreign trade.

Members in EXIM

The Exim Bank is managed by a Board consisting of a director World Health Organization is that the Chairman and seventeen administrators represent completely different areas. They’re Secretary to the Department of business Board, Commerce Secretary, Finance Secretary, Secretary to Banking, Secretary IDBI, Secretary ECGC Secretary Run, three administrators representing alternative regular business banks, four administrators chosen from the export community, and three others representing ministries and departments.

Financial Assistance Provided by EXIM Bank

EXIM Bank extends Lines of Credit (LOCs) to overseas governments, money establishments, regional banks, and alternative overseas entities, to finance India’s exports to those countries. EXIM Bank’s LOC may be an unhazardous, non-recourse export funding choice offered to Indian exporters for promoting their exports. Beneath this arrangement, overseas importers are needed to pay advance payments to Indian exporters, which is sometimes 100% of the contract worth. EXIM Bank pays the balance quantity, which is generally ninetieth of the contract worth, to Republic of Indian exporters through negotiating banks in India, upon cargo of products. EXIM Bank additionally operates LOCs, proclaimed by the government of the Republic of India, to the country’s mercantilism partners.

  • Delayed Payment Exports – Term loans are provided to those exporters World Health Organization handles the exportation of products and services and this allows them to supply delayed credit to foreign consumers. This technique of delayed credit covers Indian consultancies, technology, and alternative services. Business banks participate during this program either directly or beneath risk syndication arrangements.
  • Pre-shipment credit – Indian corporations that are extremely concerned within the execution of export activities on the far side the cycle time of six months are funded by EXIM Bank. The development or prison guard project exporters get pleasure from the availability of rupee mobilization.
  • Term loans for export production – EXIM Bank offers term loans to the one hundred pc export bound units, units concerned in trade zones, and exporters of varied software in the Republic of India. EXIM bank additionally works in association with International Finance Corporation, Washington, to supply monetary help to the little scale and medium industrial units in terms of ameliorative the export production capability of those units in the Republic of India. EXIM Bank additionally provides funded and non-funded facilities to deemed exports from the Republic of India.
  • Foreign Investment Finance – EXIM bank provides money help for equity contribution to the Indian corporation’s World Health Organization type venture with the foreign corporations.
  • Funding export promoting – It helps the exporters perform their export market development arrange in the Indian market

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