1. Indian regulative framework
  2. Salient Features
  3. Highlights
  4. Eligibility
  5. Advantages of Buyer’s Credit
  6. Inspiration to expand potentialities
  7. Documents for Buyer Credit

Indian regulative framework

Banks will offer buyer’s credit up to US$20 million (US$ a pair of crore) per import transactions for a most maturity amount of 1 year from date of cargo. Just in case great of capital merchandise, banks will approve buyer’s credits up to $20 million per group action with a maturity amount of up to a few years. No change on the far side that amount is allowable. As per run directives dated 11.07.13, at the time of ailment of trade credit, the amount of trade credit ought to be joined to the in operation cycle and trade group action. AD banks got to make sure that these directions are strictly complied with. Credit is to be extended for an amount of but 3 years; quantity of credit shouldn’t exceed $20 million, per import transaction; the `all-in-cost’ once a year, collectable for the credit isn’t to exceed six months LIBOR + 350 basis points for credit up to 1 year, and LIBOR + one hundred twenty five basis points for credits for periods on the far side one year however but 3 years, for the currency of credit.

Salient Features

  • Facilitates exports for SMEs by providing credit to overseas purchaser to import merchandise from Asian nation
  • Offered for funding capital merchandise or services on payment terms
  • Provides non-recourse finance to Indian exporters by changing delayed credit contract into money contract
  • Extended as advance payments to Indian exporters on behalf of the overseas purchaser
  • Can be a group action specific funding or a revolving/renewable limit
  • Can be extended to over one overseas subsidiaries of any Indian company
  • Since it’s a non-LC transactions, it saves LC charges


  • Buyer’s credit may be a short-run loan to businessperson by a far off investor for the acquisition of products or services.
  • An export finance agency guarantees the loan, mitigating the chance for the bourgeois.
  • Buyer’s credit permits the client, or the businessperson, to borrow at rates below what would be obtainable domestically.
  • With buyer’s credit, exporters are bonded payment(s) on the maturity.
  • Buyer’s credit permits a bourgeois to execute massive orders and permits the businessperson to get funding and adaptability to procure massive orders.
  • Because of the quality concerned, buyer’s credit is barely created obtainable for big orders with minimum financial thresholds.


  • Buyer’s credit is extended to an overseas project company that intends to award the project execution to an Indian project bourgeois.
  • The funding are going to be obtainable to all or any sorts of comes and repair exports from Asian nation.
  • The facility is on the market for development, upgrading or enlargement of infrastructure facilities; funding of public or non-public comes like plants and buildings; skilled services like surveyors, design, consultations, etc.

Advantages of Buyer’s Credit

Payment is created on time on the maturity or consistent with the terms of the sales contract with the businessperson with none undue delays. The knowledge of the time of payment helps to manage loan assets that successively permits an institution to manage its deposits and regulative needs.

  • The bourgeois gets paid on due date; whereas businessperson gets extended date for creating AN import payment as per the money flows
  • The businessperson will agitate bourgeois on sight basis, talk terms a far better discount and use the buyer’s credit route to avail funding.
  • The funding currency may be in any FCY (USD, GBP, EURO, JPY etc.) counting on the selection of the client.
  • The businessperson will use this funding for any sort of trade viz. open account, collections, or LCs.
  • The currency of imports may be completely different from the funding currency that allows importers to require a favourable read of a specific currency.

Inspiration to expand potentialities

Buyer’s credit is our distinctive credit facility programme that motivates Indian exporters to explore new geographies. Through this programme, the overseas purchaser will open a “letter of credit” in favour of the Asian nation bourgeois and may import merchandise and services from India on payment terms. whereas on the one hand, the bourgeois enjoys reduced group action prices and complexities of international trade transactions, on the opposite hand, the Indian bourgeois gets to vie within the international market and may still place his assets to sensible use to proportion operations. Whereas Indian firms avail of patrons credit from different international monetary establishments so as to finance their imports at competitive LIBOR rates, buyer’s credit that we offer will solely be used for the export of Indian merchandise or services.

Documents for Buyer Credit

List of documents needed from bank to bank. Given below is generic list:

  • Client Request Letter
  • supply Letter
  • Loan Agreement (To be franked as per various state law)
  • group action connected Document copy
  • Importer’s Bank SBLC by SWIFT – MT760
  • Importer’s Bank Funding Request by MT799
  • Verification and Confirmation Certificate (by Importer’s Bank)
  • reimbursement Schedule (where  MT799 isn’t asked for)
  • Trade group action Details (where  MT799 isn’t asked for)

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