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  3. Features of Stock Exchange
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Stock Exchange

An exchange is crucial consider the capital market. It’s a secure place where commercialism is finished in an exceedingly systematic approach. Here, the securities are bought and oversubscribed as per well-structured rules and rules. Securities mentioned here includes debenture and share issued by a public company that’s properly listed at the exchange, debenture, and bonds issued by the govt. bodies, municipal and public bodies.

Functions of Stock exchange

Following are a number of the foremost necessary functions that are performed by the stock exchange:

  • Role of Economic Barometer: exchange is an associate degree economic measuring system that’s indicative of the state of the economy. It records all the key and minor changes within the share costs. It’s justified aforesaid to be the heartbeat of the economy that reflects the state of the economy.
  • Valuation of Securities: securities market helps within the valuation of securities supported by the factors of offer and demand. The securities offered by firms that are profitable and growth-oriented tend to be valued higher. Valuation of securities helps creditors, investors, and the government in performing arts their various functions.
  • Transactional Safety: Transactional safety is ensured because the securities that are listed within the exchange are listed, and also the listing of securities is finished once certificatory the company’s position. All firms listed need to adhere to the foundations and rules as ordered out by the establishment.
  • Contributor to Economic Growth: Exchange offers a platform for the commercialism of securities of varied firms. This method of commercialism involves continuous withdrawal and reinvestment that offers opportunities for capital formation and afterward, growth of the economy.
  • Creating the public response of equity investment: Exchange helps in providing info regarding finance in equity markets and by rolling out new problems to encourage folks to speculate in securities. 
  • Offers scope for speculation: By allowing healthy speculation of the listed securities, the exchange ensures demand and provides securities and liquidity.
  • Facilitates liquidity: the foremost necessary role of the exchange is in guaranteeing a prepared platform for the sale and buy of securities. This provides investors the arrogance that the present investments may be born-again into money, or in different words, exchange offers liquidity in terms of investment.
  • Higher Capital Allocation: Profit-making firms can have their shares listed actively, so such firms are arable to raise recent capital from the equity market. Securities market helps in higher allocation of capital for the investors in order that most profit may be attained.
  • Encourages investment and savings: Securities market is a crucial supply of investment in numerous securities which supply larger returns. Finance within the securities market makes for a higher investment choice than gold and silver.

Features of Stock Exchange:

  • A marketplace for securities- it’s a wholesome market wherever securities of the presidency, company firms, semi-government firms are bought and oversubscribed.
  • Second-hand securities- It associates with bonds, shares that have already been proclaimed by the corporate once antecedent.
  • Regulate interchange securities- The exchange doesn’t sell and obtain bonds and shares on its own account. The broker or exchange members do the trade on the company’s behalf.
  • Dealings solely in registered securities- solely listed securities recorded within the exchange workplace may be listed.
  • Transaction- solely through authorized brokers and members the dealings for securities may be created.
  • Recognition- It needs to be recognized by the central government.
  • Measuring device- It develops and indicates the expansion and security of a business within the index of an exchange.
  • Operates as per rules– All the protection dealings at the exchange are controlled by exchange rules and rules and SEBI pointers.

Merits of exchange Securities

  • Liquidity: Stock and shares may be simply completed if the receiver is unable to pay the debt. The existence of a prepared market provides liquidity to the protection.
  • Safety: In traditional times the securities fancy stability useful. In times of recession, the worth of security might endure fluctuations. However gilt-edged securities are less prone to the changes. Today even company securities are unaffected by the trade cycle.
  • Few legal formalities: Investigation of the title involves no complication as within the case of real estate. The formalities to be ascertained are few that facilitate the straightforward transfer of securities and minimize the expenses.
  • Negotiable securities: a number of the securities like bearer bonds bearer debentures, share warrants and government dedication notes are absolutely negotiable. 
  1. The banker gets the sensible title and from all defects, if he acts balefire.
  2. The securities empower the banker to dispose of them off while not the customer‘s help. 
  3. Transfer of the securities needs no taxation so is cheap.
  • Appropriation of financial gain towards Loan: Financial gain received on such securities by the approach of interest or dividend may be condemned towards the debt that mechanically reduces the liability of the receiver.
  • Easier valuation: The market price of those securities may be simply observed from quotations given available exchange reports or newspapers.

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