1. Introduction
  2. Para Banking
  3. History of Para Banking In India
  4. Important Para banking Services
  5. Purpose of Para Banking Services
  6. Failure of Para Banking Services
  7. Subsidiary Firms
  8. Conclusion


Para Banking could be a reasonably banking whereby cash is accepted for the aim of saving from a private as just in case of a traditional banking perform. The acceptance of cash below Para Banking is scheduled daily, monthly, quarterly, Half yearly, yearly and even for fastened amount for morethan 01 year.

Para Banking

Para banking activities area unit the activities that area unit done by a Bank except its traditional day to day activities (like deposit, withdrawal, etc.). Within the banking awareness section, candidates need to cowl several topics to crack the bank exams. The topics embody banking history, kinds of accounts, kinds of cards, banking laws & acts, etc. Para banking activities is one among the necessary banking awareness topics. So, candidates ought to prepare all the topics with a dedication to attain most marks within the banking awareness section. Here we’ve got additional the definition of para banking activities, their functions, and also the list of necessary para banking services. So, bear this text fully and understand the para banking activities.

History of Para Banking In India

The 1906 Swadeshi Revolution inspired several cooperative bank to start out up. With this unqualified and ungenerous entrepreneurs started operative such banks with unclear banking laws of the govt. This resulted into unsuccessful banking state of affairs and difficulties in growth of this banking sector.

The major disadvantage was the bankruptcy of the many banks (i.e.) 108 banks throughout 1913 -1917, 372 banks throughout 1922 – thirty six and 620 banks throughout 1937 – forty eight. This resulted in discomfort and insecurity among the final voters and their confidence for banking sector was challenged.

Important Para banking Services

The para banking activities can dissent from the traditional bank works. World revolving credit, world mastercard, Bancassurance, insurance merchandise, Non-life insurance merchandise, money management area unit samples of para banking activities. Here is that the list of necessary para bank services of the business banks.

  • Sponsor to Infrastructure Debt Funds
  • Investment in risk capital Funds
  • Insurance business
  • Portfolio management services
  • Pension fund management
  • Mutual funds business
  • Money market mutual funds underwriting of bonds of PSUs
  • Retailing of state Securities
  • Referral Services
  • Safety web Schemes
  • Primary franchise Business
  • Equipment leasing, rent Purchase business, and factorisation services

Purpose of Para Banking Services

Here is that the purpose of para banking services.

  • To offer a framework of rules/regulations/instructions to the scheduled  business Banks for enterprise bound money services or para banking services as permissible by tally, excluding the difficulty of credit, debit, and pre-paid cards that a separate Master Circular has been issued. 
  • Banks ought to adopt adequate safeguards and implement the subsequent tips so as to confirm that the money services or para banking activities undertaken by them area unit run on sound and prudent lines.

So candidates grasp complete details concerning the para banking services here. within the communicating, you’ll be able to get queries like, what’s par banking, the aim of para banking, samples of para banking, etc. So, be thorough concerning the para banking services.

Failure of Para Banking Services

In 1929 Central Banking Enquiry Committee investigate the subsequent reasons for the

Failure for this banking scenario:

  1. Low level of quick assets.
  2. Unofficial account between non- banking and banking officers.
  3. Future loans on short term deposits.
  4. No correct tips from government or banking authorities.
  5. Unlimited liabilities / irregular Credit policies / unqualified administrators.

Guidelines Issued By RBI

Banks will undertake bound eligible money services or para-banking activities either departmentally or by putting in subsidiaries. Banks might type a company for enterprise the categories of business that a bank is otherwise permissible to undertake, with previous approval of Federal Reserve Bank of Bharat. The directions issued by reserve bank of India to banks for enterprise bound financial services or para-banking activities as permissible by tally are compiled during this Master Circular.

Subsidiary Firms

Under the provisions of Section 19(1) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, banks might type subsidiary firms for enterprise kinds of banking business that they’re otherwise permissible to undertake [under clauses (a) to (o) of sub-section one of Section vi of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949], carrying on the business of banking completely outside Bharat and for such different business functions as is also approved by the Central Government. Previous approval of the Federal Reserve Bank of Bharat ought to be taken by a bank to line up a company.


Para-banking has been a district of the Indian money services sector for a few time currently. there’s Associate in Nursing increasing would like for numerous money services at low cheap prices, notably for the large sections of underprivileged and low financial gain teams. This can actually improve the quality of living for these segments. The requirement for para-banking ought to be evaluated within the context of economic inclusion and restrictive framework for management.

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