1. Summary
  2. Importance of credit score
  3. Credit score checked
  4. Reasons behind credit score differs


A three-digit atomic number referred to as credit score is more and more gaining significance in our lives, whether or not we would like it or not. Anyone agency that has applied for a loan or a MasterCard or bought any product on EMI within the last 5-6 years would have detected of credit score. Banks, NBFCs, Housing Finance firms, and even Fintechs use the credit score to assess a customer’s profile.

In India, there are four RBI-licensed agency companies: CIBIL TransUnion, CRIF High Mark, Equifax, and Experian. All credit bureaus receive a mixture of identical knowledge at an identical time from lenders all across the country. And every of those four credit bureaus generates a credit score within the standardized vary of 300-900, with 900 being the simplest score doable.

Importance of credit score

While there’s no precise answer to that credit score matters most, lenders have a transparent favorite: FICO® Scores are utilized in over ninetieth of disposition choices.

While that may assist you to slim down that credit score to examine, you’ll still contemplate the explanation of why you’re checking your credit score. If you’re accessing your credit score merely to trace your finances, a widely-used base score like FICO Scores eight works. This version is additionally useful for gauging the credit cards you qualify for.

If you intend to create a selected purchase, you’ll need to review an industry-specific credit score. FICO lists the particular scores that are used for numerous monetary products. FICO machine Scores are ideal if you would like to finance an automobile with an automobile loan, whereas it’s smart to examine FICO® Scores two, five, and four if you intend to shop for a house.

Credit score checked

Your credit profile with the credit bureaus will get updated any second. Lenders report knowledge to credit bureaus on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This knowledge from numerous lenders keeps flowing into credit bureaus’ info as an eternal stream of knowledge.

If you check your credit score from agency nowadays, the knowledge on your MasterCard issued in March could mirror solely 5 months of knowledge. But, if you repeat this check four months later with another agency, 9 months’ (richer) history on the market, for the MasterCard could have additional influence on your credit score.

Every such update might alter your credit score in inexpressible ways. Thus it’s higher to check your credit scores from completely different sources on the same date.

Reasons behind credit score differs

  • Credit grading model used: There are many models out there for grading your credit history. However, usually, lenders use one of the 2 main credit grading models FICO or VantageScore. Each firm value identical main factors of your credit history like payment history and utilization rate, however, use their formulas to weigh every issue.
  • Score version: Dozens of credit score versions are shifting into base scores and industry-specific scores. Base scores, like FICO Score eight or VantageScore three.0, show lenders the probability you’ll repay any credit obligation. Industry-specific scores represent the percentages you’ll repay a selected loan, like the FICO machine Score nine utilized in automobile loan choices.
  • Credit bureau: Credit scores are calculated mistreatment knowledge listed on your credit report, that comes from one of the 3 major credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion. Your score differs and supported the knowledge provided to every bureau, explained additional next.
  • Data provided to the credit bureaus: The credit bureaus might not receive all identical data concerning your credit accounts. Astonishingly, lenders aren’t needed to report back to all or any of the 3 bureaus. Whereas most do, there’s no guarantee that the knowledge is identical across the board, making potential variations in your scores.
  • Date scores are accessed: If you read your credit score at completely different times, there could also be discrepancies since one score could also be noncurrent.
  • Errors on your credit report: Your credit score will mirror any errors that seem on your credit report. If errors solely seem on one bureau’s report, then your credit score from that report could dissent from another that has no errors. You must dispute errors on your credit report quickly to avoid hurt to your credit score.