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A lien is that the right of somebody in possession of products, securities or the other assets happiness to someone to retain them till the debt is repaid, providing there’s no contract categorical or implicit, to the contrary. It’s a right to retain possession of specific merchandise or securities or alternative movables of that the possession vests in another person and therefore the possession are often maintained until the owner discharges the debt or obligation to somebody.


“A bankers’ lien on negotiable securities has been judicially outlined as ‘an implicit pledge’. A banker has, within the absence of agreement to the contrary ,a lien on all bills received from a client within the normal course of banking business in respect of any balance that will ensue from such client.” it ought to be noted that the lien extends solely to negotiable instruments that square measure remitted to the banker from the client for the aim of assortment .When assortment has been created the method is also utilized by the banker in reduction of the customer’s debit balance unless otherwise earmarked.

Principles Governing Banker’s Lien

  • Banker’s lien is that the right of retentive things delivered into his possession as a banker if long, because the client to United Nations agency they belonged or who had the ability of putting off them once so delivered is indebted to the banker on the balance of the account between them provided the circumstances during which the banker obtained possession ,do not imply that he has in agreement that this right shall be excluded .Banker’s lien will properly be aforementioned to arise solely in respect of any of the securities control by the bank ,the bank incorporates a lien over these securities and it might hold them against the quantity due by the client.
  • It’s necessary that the possession of an issue that is in possession of the bank should be with the client and control by the bank as a security otherwise the bank will exercise no right of lien. 
  • A bank might not be ready to exercise any right of lien over the cash deposited by the client inasmuch as by itself becomes the owner of the cash deposited ,but still it’s the correct to regulate such amounts against any debts thanks to from the client. The aim of lien in such cases is earned by the appliance of the principle of go away.
  • The banker’s lien is subject to any contract to the contrary and one alleging it should prove the existence of such a contract.
  • The bank gets a lien in respect of all securities of the client together with negotiable instruments and Presidents, however solely to the extent to that the client is liable. If the bank fails to come back the balance, and therefore the client suffers a loss thereby, the bank are susceptible to pay damages to the client. Within the gift matter the Court has primarily based its call on the principle that so as to invoke a lien by the bank, there ought to exist mutuality between the bank and therefore the client i.e. after they reciprocally exist between identical parties and between them within the same capability. Retentive the customer’s properties on the far side his liability is unauthorized and would attract liability to the bank for damages.

Set-Off Clause

A set-off clause could be a legal clause that provides a loaner the authority to seize a debtor’s deposits after they neglect a loan. A set-off clause may seek advice from a settlement of mutual debt between somebody and someone through compensatory dealings claims. This enables creditors to gather a larger quantity than they sometimes might underneath bankruptcy proceedings.

Importance of Set-Off Clause

  • Set-off clauses square measure written into legal agreements to safeguard the loaner.
  • A set-off clause permits the loaner to seize assets happiness to the receiver, like bank accounts, within the event of a default.
  • Set-off clauses also are utilized by makers and alternative sellers of products to safeguard them from a default by a vendee.

Set-Off Clause Works

Set-off clauses offer the loaner the correct of setoff—the right to seize funds from the someone or a sponsor of the debt. They a part of several loaning agreements, and may be structured in numerous ways that. Lenders could elect to incorporate a set-off clause within the agreement to confirm that, within the event of default, they’ll receive a larger proportion of the quantity that is owed them than they could otherwise. If someone is unable to fulfil Associate in nursing obligation to the bank, the bank will seize the assets elaborated within the clause.

Set-off clauses square measure most ordinarily utilized in loan agreements between lenders, like banks, and their borrowers. They’ll even be utilized in other forms of transactions wherever one party faces a risk of payment default, like a contract between a manufacturer and a vendee of its merchandise. The reality in loaning Act prohibits set-off clauses from applying to master card transactions; this protects shoppers United Nations agency decline to obtain defective merchandise purchased with their cards, mistreatment what is referred to as a chargeback.

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