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  2. Credit Card Payment Intermediary
  3. Categories of credit card Receivable


Credit Card Agreement means that, about an open-end credit card account, the agreements between associate Account Owner and also the Obligor governing the terms and conditions of such account, in and of itself agreements could also be amended, changed or otherwise modified from time to time and as distributed (including any amendments and revisions thereto) to holders of such account.

Credit Card Payment Intermediary

Credit Card Issuer means that somebody (other than a receiver or alternative Loan Party) problems or whose members issue credit cards, including, while not limitation, Credit card or VISA bank credit or debit cards or alternative bank credit or debit cards issued through Credit card International, Inc., Visa, U.S.A., Inc. or Visa International and Yankee categorical, Discover, Diners Club, say-so and alternative non-bank credit or debit cards, including, while not limitation, credit or debit cards issued by or through Yankee categorical Travel connected Services Company, Inc., and Novus Services, Inc. and alternative issuers approved by the Agent.

Financial Intermediary: A broker, dealer, bank, or alternative financial organization or the alternative person who clears through or maintains a tutelary relationship with a Clearing Participant. Mustela putorius: Fitch, Inc., or any successor in interest.

Credit Card Account: Credit Card Account means an appointment whereby Obligor makes scheduled payments underneath a Loan via a pre-authorized debit to a serious credit card. Reinsurance Intermediary means that any natural or legal person, aside from an insurance enterprise or its staff, who, for remuneration, takes up or pursues the activity of insurance distribution;

Credit Card Processor means that any conjugation or process agent or any issue or monetary intermediary facilitates, services, processes, or manages the credit authorization, asking transfer and/or payment procedures about any Borrower’s sales transactions involving credit card or identification purchases by customer’s victimization credit cards or debit cards issued by any credit card institution.

Fiscal Intermediary means that associate qualified insurance company or the alternative person who has entered into an in-progress relationship with any Governmental Authority to form payments to payees under Medicare, Medicaid, or the other federal, state, or native public health care or medical help program consistent to any of the Health Care Laws.

Credit Card assets mean that every “payment intangible” (as outlined within the UCC) alongside all financial gain, payments, and yield therefrom, owed by a credit card institution or credit card Processor to a Loan Party ensuing from charges by a client of a Loan Party on credit or debit cards issued by such credit card institution about the sale of products by a Loan Party, or services performed by a Loan Party, in every case within the normal course of its business.

Insurance Intermediary means that any natural or legal person, aside from associate insurance or insurance enterprise or their staff associated aside from supportive insurance negotiate, who, for remuneration, takes up or pursues the activity of insurance distribution;

Credit Card Notification means that, conjointly, the notices to credit card Issuers or credit card Processors United Nations agency square measure parties to credit card Agreements during a kind fairly satisfactory to the Executive Agent, associated that credit card Notifications shall need the ACH or wire transfer no less oft than every Business Day (and whether or not any outstanding Obligations) to an Approved time deposit account of all payments due from credit card Processors.

Eligible deposit account means that either (a) a white account with an associate Eligible establishment or (b) a white trustee account with the company trust department of an installation establishment organized underneath the laws or anyone of the states therefrom or the District of Columbia (or any domestic branch of an overseas bank), having cartel powers and acting as trustee for funds deposited in such account, ciao as any of the securities of such installation establishment shall have a credit rating from every Rating Agency in one among its generic rating classes that signifies investment grade.

Categories of credit card Receivable

Credit Card receivable enclosed at intervals associated with the subsequent classes shall not represent an Eligible credit card Receivable:

A securities intermediary means that a Bank, a Sub-custodian, a Securities installation, and the other financial organization that within the normal course of business maintains custody accounts for others and acts therein capability. Approved Securities intermediary means that a Securities intermediary or goods intermediary selected or approved by the executive Agent that a granter has delivered to the executive Agent a dead accounting Agreement.

Intermediary bank means that a bank to that item is transferred in course of assortment except for the depositary or payor bank.

Eligible Account Holder means that somebody holding a Qualifying Deposit on the Eligibility Record Date for functions of crucial Subscription Rights and establishing subaccount balances within the liquidation account to be established.

Deposit Account means that a requirement, time, savings, record, or like an account with a bank, savings and loan association, depository financial institution, or like organization, aside from account proved by a negotiable certificate of deposit.