1. Global depositary receipt

2. Characteristics

3. Understanding Global Depositary Receipt

4. Mechanism of Global Depository Receipt

5. Advantages of GDR

6. Disadvantages of GDR

Global depositary receipt

A global depository receipt (GDR and generally spelled depositary) may be a general name for a depositary receipt wherever a certificate issued by a depository bank, that purchases shares of foreign corporations, creates security on a neighborhood exchange backed by those shares. They’re the world equivalent of the initial American depositary receipts (ADR) on that they’re based mostly. GDRs represent possession of Associate in nursing underlying range of shares of a remote company and area unit ordinarily won’t to invest in corporations from developing or rising markets by investors in developed markets. To raise cash in additional than one market, some companies use world depositary receipts (GDRs) to sell their stock on markets in countries aside from the one wherever they need their headquarters.

The GDRs area unit issued within the currency of the country wherever the stock is mercantilism. As an example, a Mexican company would possibly supply GDRs priced in pounds in London and in yen in the national capital.

Individual investors within the countries wherever the GDRs area unit issued obtain them to diversify into international markets. GDRs allow you to do that while not having to touch upon currency conversion and alternative complications of overseas finance.

However, since GDRs area unit oft offered by newer or less-known corporations, the costs area unit typically volatile and therefore the stocks are also thinly listed. That produces shopping for GDRs riskier than shopping for domestic stocks.


  • Its Associate in nursing unsecured security
  • It should be reborn into a range of shares
  • Interest and redemption value is public in foreign agency
  • It’s listed and listed within the stock market
  • Holders of GDR don’t carry any selection rights.

Understanding world Depositary Receipt

A global depositary receipt (GDR) may be a sort of bank certificate that represents shares during a foreign company, such as a remote branch of a global bank then holds the shares. The shares themselves trade as domestic shares, but, globally, numerous bank branches supply the shares purchasable. Non-public markets use GDRs to lift capital denominated in either U.S. bucks or Euros. Once non-public markets plan to get Euros rather than U.S. dollars, GDRs area unit brought up as EDRs.

Investors trade GDRs in multiple markets, as they’re thought about to be negotiable certificates. Investors use capital markets to facilitate the trade of long debt instruments and for the aim of generating capital. GDR transactions within the international market tend to own lower associated prices than another mechanism that investors use to interchange foreign securities.

A U.S. based company, for example, that desires its stock to be listed on the London and port Stock Exchanges will accomplish this via a GDR. The U.S. based company enters into a depositary receipt agreement with several foreign repository banks. In turn, these banks issue shares in their several stock exchanges supported the restrictive compliance for each of the countries.

Mechanism of Global Repository Receipt

  • The domestic company enters into an Associate in nursing agreement with the overseas depository bank for the aim of issue of GDR.
  • The overseas repository bank then enters into a defender agreement with the domestic defender of such a company.
  • The domestic defender holds the equity shares of the corporate.
  • On the instruction of domestic defender, the overseas depository bank problems shares with foreign investors.
  • The whole method is disbursed underneath strict tips.
  • GDRs area unit typically denominated in U.S. dollars

Advantages of GDR

The following area unit the benefits of worldwide repository Receipts:

  • GDR provides access to foreign capital markets.
  • A company will get itself registered on a remote stock market or over the counter and its shares are listed in additional than one currency.
  • GDR expands the world presence of the corporate that helps in obtaining international attention and coverage.
  • GDR area unit liquid in nature as they’re supported demand and provide which might be regulated.
  • The valuation of shares within the domestic market increase, on listing within the international market.
  • With GDR, the non-residents will invest in shares of the foreign company.
  • GDR is freely transferred.
  • Foreign Institutional investors can purchase the shares of company provision GDR in their country even though they’re restricted to shop for shares of foreign companies.
  • GDR will increase the shareholders base of the corporate.
  • GDR saves the taxes of Associate in Nursing capitalist. Associate in Nursing capitalist would wish to pay tax if he purchases shares within the foreign company, whereas in GDR same isn’t the case.

 Disadvantages of GDR

 The subsequent area unit the disadvantages of worldwide repository Receipts:

  • Violating any regulation will result in serious consequences against the corporate.
  • Dividends area unit paid in domestic country’s currency that is subject to volatility within the for-ex market.
  • It is usually useful to High Net-Worth Individual (HNI) investors because of their capability to take a position of high quantity in GDR.
  • GDR is one of all the high-ticket sources of finance.

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