With the rise of plastic money and the non satiation with consumerism, credit cards have become one of the indispensable tools that the youths are using these days. Strictly speaking, it is a loan that you can have without any collateral and if used wisely, without having to pay a single rupee in the interests. The idea behind credit cards is very simple. Your bank gives a card which is nothing but a way to access a pre defined amount every cycle. You can use the card for making any kind of payment: be it purchases on web sites or dining in a restaurant. It helps you buy things even when you do not have money to spend. It is like having a loan for very short period, called the credit card cycle without having to pay any interest. If you are able to pay the amount due on it within the credit period mentioned, it’s free money.

If You are a frequent traveler, then a travel credit card will be a great option for you because it not only offers amazing rewards but also saves a lot of money while traveling. There is various  present in the Indian market, but the best one entirely depends on your requirements. For instance, if you are a low budget traveler, then spending Rs. 5000 as the annual fee is not worth it. So, before getting a travel credit card for yourself, you should make sure it fits your budget and at the same time, satisfies your requirements. Some of the popular credit cards that you can consider getting only for traveling-related expenses are American Express Platinum Travel, HDFC Diners Club Black, SBI Air India Signature, and Citi Premier Miles Credit Card.

The American Express Platinum Travel credit card will provide complimentary lounge access and a travel voucher worth Rs. 6000 (after paying more than Rs. 1.9 Lakh in a year). HDFC Diners Club Black credit card welcome gift of 10000 points and renewal reward of 5000 points, which can be redeemed to get access to 700+ lounges in India and worldwide. You can enjoy a welcome gift of 20,000 reward points (can be redeemed to miles) on getting an SBI Air India Signature credit card. If you are thinking of getting a Citi Premier Miles Credit Card, then you will be able to enjoy complimentary domestic lounge access and earn 10 miles for every Rs. One hundred spent.

Credit card which is regarded as the best travel credit card in India primarily depend on the benefits provided to cardholders as reward points for travel expenses.

Users can choose the best credit card for travel based on the following benefits offered –

1. Accelerated rewards on travel

Depending upon the type of your card, you can earn accelerated rewards on a certain category. However, in case of travel cards, users can earn reward points every time they make purchase related to travel, such as –

Flight tickets,

Hotel booking,

Dining costs in restaurants during your travel, etc.

Users can redeem these reward points to avail discounts on future flight tickets, hotel booking fees, etc.

2. Airport lounge access

With the help of this card, users can gain lounge access in domestic as well as international airports.

3. Travel miles

Reward points earned while booking flight tickets are often denoted as travel miles. These miles can be utilised in purchasing flight tickets on the dedicated travel section of a financial institution’s web page.

4. Travel insurance

With this card, you can receive complementary travel insurance, which provides coverage on accidental death and theft of belongings during travelling.

A travel insurance policy also provides cover on cancelled trips, lost or delayed luggage, etc. considering you have used a travel card for all purchases regarding your trip.

5. Benefits from partnered travel agency

Several financial institutions and reputed NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv provide such cards in association with airlines or travel agencies. Thus, these cards are highly beneficial for users who prefer a particular brand.

Users should select the best travel credit card depending upon the rewards and benefits offered.

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