1. International Documentation
  2. Combined Transport Document
  3. Bill of Exchange
  4. Insurance Certificate
  5. Packing List 
  6. Inspection Certificate

International Documentation

International market involves numerous varieties of trade documents that require to be made whereas creating transactions. every trade document is disagreeing from alternative and gift the assorted aspects of the trade like description, quality, number, transportation medium, indemnity, examination and then on. So, it becomes vital for the importers and exporters to create certain that their documents support the rules as per international trade transactions. A little mistake may prove expensive for any of the parties.

The following area unit the Last 5 list of documents usually employed in international trade:

  • Combined Transport Document
  • Draft (or Bill of Exchange)
  • Insurance Policy (or Certificate)
  • Packing List/Specification
  • Inspection Certificate

Combined Transport Document

Combined Transport Document is additionally called Multimodal Transport Document, and is employed once product area unit transported victimization quite one mode of transportation. within the case of multimodal transport document, the contract of carriage is supposed for a combined transport from the place of shipping to the place of delivery. It additionally proofs receipt of products however it doesn’t proof on board cargo, if it complies with Interstate Commerce Commission five hundred, Art. 26(a). The liability of the combined transport operator starts from the place of cargo and ends at the place of delivery. This document got to be signed with acceptable variety of originals within the full set and correct proof that indicates that transport charges are paid or are going to be paid at destination port.

Multimodal transport document would commonly show:

  • That the recipient and apprise party’s area unit because the credit.
  • The place product area unit received, or taken in charges, and place of ultimate destination.
  • Whether freight is post-paid or to be collected.
  • The date of dispatch or taking to blame, and also the “On Board” notation, if any should be dated and signed.
  • Total variety of originals.
  • Signature of the carrier, multimodal transport operator or their agents.

Bill of Exchange

A Bill of Exchange could be a special form of papers beneath that AN businessperson raise bourgeois a precise quantity of cash in future. Therefore, the bourgeois also agrees to pay the bourgeois that quantity of cash on or before the long run date. This document has special importance in wholesale trade wherever great amount of cash concerned. Following persons area unit concerned in an exceedingly bill of exchange:

  • Drawer: The one who writes or prepares the bill.
  • Drawee: The one who pays the bill.
  • Payee: The person to whom the payment is to be created.
  • Holder of the Bill: The one who is in possession of the bill.

On the premise of the maturity there are 2 varieties of bill of exchange:

  • Bill of Exchange once Date: during this case the maturity is counted from the date of drawing and is additionally known as bill once date.
  • Bill of Exchange once Sight: during this case the maturity is counted from the date of acceptance of the bill and is additionally known as bill of exchange once sight.

Insurance Certificate

Also called policy, it certifies that product transported are insured beneath an open policy and isn’t unjust with very little details concerning the chance lined.

It is necessary that the date on that the insurance becomes effective is same or previous the date of issuing of the transport documents. Also, if submitted beneath a LC, the insured quantity should be within the same currency because the credit and typically for the bill quantity and ten per cent.

The requirements for completion of AN policy area unit as follow:

  • The name of the party within the favour that the documents have been issued.
  • The name of the vessel or flight details.
  • The place from wherever insurance is to commerce usually the seller’s warehouse or the port of loading and also the place wherever insurance cases sometimes the buyer’s warehouse or the port of destination.
  • Insurance price that per the credit.
  • Marks and numbers to consider those on alternative documents.
  • The description of the products, that should be according to that within the credit and on the invoice.
  • The name and address of the claims sinking agent alongside the place wherever claims area unit collectable.
  • Countersigned wherever necessary.
  • Date of issue to be no later than the date of transport documents unless cowl is shown to be effective before that date.

Packing List 

Also called packing specification, it contains details concerning the packing materials employed in the shipping of products. It additionally embodies details like measure and weight of products.

The packing List should:

  • Have an outline of the products (“A”) according to the opposite documents.
  • Have details of shipping marks (“B”) and numbers according to alternative documents

Inspection Certificate

Certificate of examination could be a document ready on the request of merchant once he needs the consignment to be checked by a 3rd party at the port of cargo before the products area unit sealed for final transportation. In this method merchant submit a sound examination Certificate beside the opposite trade documents like invoice, packing list, shipping bill, bill of product etc. to the bank for negotiation.  On demand, examination is often done by numerous world notable examination agencies on nominal charges

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