1. Issue Management
  2. Portfolio Management
  3. Loan/Lease Syndication
  4. Corporate Counselling
  5. Arranging the Foreign Collaboration
  6. Advising on Acquisition and Mergers
  7. Project Counselling
  8. Advising on Capital Restructuring

Issue Management

Like normal issues, the method of issue management is the same. It is, however, the duty of the Non-Banking money Company to provide a whole set of services and should try and improve and develop the method of marking the problems by that internetwork of the promoters are extended. It is gratuitous to mention that the establishments can take the responsibility to provide the services, should be ready to improve the network of the brokers that ultimately brings success concerning the difficulty.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management implies the investment of funds taken from numbers/clients in numerous securities an adequate come back ought to tend to them. In alternative words, it’s a theme by that the portfolio manager raise funds from his clients/members with a commitment to work the stock exchange along with the data, in well-explained terms concerning the composition of the portfolio, annual come back, appropriation of capital, the extent of risk, etc.

Loan/Lease Syndication

The practicing hired Accountants provide liaison services to the purchasers wherever they’re in want of funds whether or not for the aim of capital or term loan functions. At present, it’s been found that the accountant corporations are keenly interested to stay to bear with the big cluster of corporations and try to boost their contact with others with the assistance of such large purchaser’s does quite prosperous business.

Corporate Counselling

The corporate counsel is another enticing fee-based mostly service. At the time of diversification, enlargement, and development, a medium-size company desires the service of skilled concerning the on top of that they request the recommendation from numerous establishments. The establishments conjointly move to help them before long as they receive the formal request from such corporations. Now, during this context, the role of NBFCs is extremely necessary. They’ll perform numerous functions concerning the generation of funds by developing the present systems and observing the weak areas of the businesses.

Arranging the Foreign Collaboration

It is one every of the foremost important tasks of the project management and therefore the corporations to rearrange the foreign collaboration notably desire to specialize in the on top of space and will think about the matter fastidiously. As a result of the easing concerning trade and capital market by the govt. of Bharat, the businesses are using the resources that they acquire by issuing shares via primary capital route and intrinsically, have an interest permanently comes concerning either export orienting project or import substitution comes.

Advising on Acquisition and Mergers

NBFC ought to pay the correct attention during this field. To consolidate the firm and to create a brand new one or to fancy the advantages of economies of huge scale, several corporations have the interest to amalgamate. The matter is extremely clear and straightforward if the management of each of the businesses is prepared to try and do this. To have these objectives, typically the promoters misuse their powers over the assorted corporations. For this purpose, the govt. has ordered down sure tips prescribing the most limit of holding by the NRJs within the Indian corporations recently.

Project Counselling

It is much coming back from the thought of company counsel and beneath the circumstances, the involved company employs engineers and MB as alternative technical person specialists within the space of project management. If the shopper needs to take a position his resources on the future basis to any project and is prepared to take a position such funds consequently as per tips bestowed by the authority company, a similar task is performed by the NBFC consequently. A higher result is achieved if these corporations are kind of casual or a lodge.

Advising on Capital Restructuring

For the aim of a contemporary issue, the businesses have to be compelled to gift and prepare their record in an exceedingly healthy kind however not with the merchandise of window dressing that produces a good use and application of money management as a full. It’s not a simple task. It needs plenty of sensible exercise and skill. Sometimes, the skilled recommendation may additionally be needed. Needless to say here that NBFC will provide the required service for the aim on numerous matters by giving their valued advice and directions, e.g., capital structuring/restricting, so that the money health of the enterprise through the record would be looked higher. Since it’s a fee-based mostly service it’ll, no doubt, earn a profitable quantity. The NBFC is in an exceedingly higher position concerning these areas if they fix their affordable fees compared with the accountant or the other professional organization to whom the businesses request a valuable recommendation.