1. Objectives

2. Introduction
3. Product Planning
4. Structure for Marketing Digital Banking Products

5. Sales delivery to customers
6. Concept of e-Galleries
7. After sales service to customers
8. Marketing for Financial Inclusion
9. Dangers of Mis-selling


Develop consumer-centered business models, as well as digital expertise that differentiate them from the competition which addresses new getting behaviors.

  • The user’s expertise must be more and more multi-channel
  • Simplify processes and transactions
  • Gaining the potential and also the tools needed to get relevant info from huge information are a transparent competitive advantage.
  • Transition to proactive innovation that seeks and favors modification.
  • Invest in security for supportive user identity and for creating information and transactions secure.


The advance of digital banking is currently unstoppable. The changes needed to complete the digital transformation don’t seem to be all technological; several got to do with company culture and business models. In monuments and extremely complicated entities like ancient banks, these changes don’t seem to be straightforward to implement chop-chop.

Product Planning

  • Faster Transactions
  • Lowers group action price
  • 24×7 Service
  • Reduces the probabilities of Error
  • Develops Loyalty in Customers
  • Removes Geographical Barriers
  • Provides higher Productivity
  • Reduce Frauds in Transactions

Structure for Marketing Digital Banking Product

  • Connecting with customers’ digital promoting strategy ought to modify you to maneuver on the far side easy touch-points to making in progress relationships with customers.
  • Offer price in Digital promoting is regarding advertising. It’s regarding client service through chat and social media, providing personalization, easy use, and on-line application or account management.
  • Personalization – on-line banking permits organizations to gather information in volumes ne’er unreal of before.
  • Automation – offers the tools to alter promoting tasks like bidding on ads, causation emails once users click on links, making personalized plans victimization discourse decisions
  • Diversify: Omnichannel, on-line promoting for banks is headed.
  • Bring in specialists promoting team to the challenge of building a digital promoting strategy

Sales delivery to customers

One of the most reasons that customers fail to shop on-line is delivery – be it the value, the shortage of delivery choices, or a customer’s lack of religion within the delivery promise. Therefore if you’ll improve your delivery strategy and address areas that stop customers from shopping, you’ll increase your online sales.

Concept of e-Galleries

e-Gallery or ‘Gesture Controlled Interactive Digital System’ could be a system that provides the facility to act with the screen to induce info on the banking facilities, the bank’s totally different schemes, rate of Interest, foreign currency exchange rates on a real-time basis. It additionally provides an Associate in nursing online feedback facility to the users. Loupe’s e-galleries area unit is fastidiously curate as their art and area unit on the market on Spotify. The dynamic platform is used to energize luminal areas like waiting rooms, airports, and hotels. Anyplace you’ll place Associate in nursing light-emitting diode screen, you’ll have complete, dynamical gallery expertise.

After-sales service to customers

After-sales service is any support provided to a client when the merchandise or service has already been purchased. Firms use after-sales support as a business strategy and end up in higher client satisfaction, whole loyalty, and even word-of-mouth-marketing.

Pre-Installation services: Whenever a product is bought it comes with a manual for installation. Betting on the character of the merchandise the installation could vary. Whereas some merchandise has terribly specific installation steps different merchandise area unit client-friendly.

Training of the top user is another part of when sales service. Within the case of commercial machinery, this is often a really crucial half. In the case of surgical equipment that area unit employed in the operation theatres, it’s terribly essential that the doctor should get trained on the machine.

Warranty services are the most typical kind of when sales service provided by virtually every company for nearly every product. Warrant services embrace repairing replacement of selected components for a particular amount of your time.

Marketing for Financial Inclusion

These five monetary services promoting ways

  • Client stretch is one among the foremost effective: Client stretch is sort of merely the construct of reaching intent on customers to fill existing wants close education, awareness, and help.
  • Self-Service and Digitization: Setting up and promoting digitized merchandise and client service or expertise portals that modify customers to sign in for services on-line, modifier merchandise and services on-line, and think about their info while not going into a branch is a good and more and more necessary trend for monetary organizations.
  • Social Media: Smart and consistent use of 1 or a lot of social media platforms could be a valuable monetary promoting strategy that you just cannot afford to ignore.
  • Automation and Big-Data: Today, client expertise platforms and automation tools create it easier than ever to utilize and apply information as a part of your promoting efforts.
  • Digital Storytelling: Storytelling continues to be one of the foremost effective promoting mediums, whether or not on social media, video, ads, or cross-channel platforms extending into the $64000 world.

Dangers of Mis-selling

Mis-selling refers to the falsehood of a product or service’s quality. Mis-selling will result in fines and skilled censure. Associate in nursing example of mis-selling happens in life assurance wherever policies area unit perverted as necessary to safeguard assets.

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