1. Microfinance
  2. History of microfinance
  3. Technology in Microfinance
  4. Phone banking 
  5. Net banking 
  6. Problems within the Adoption of Technology 


Microfinance could be a class of economic services targeting people and little businesses who lack access to standard banking and connected services. Microfinance includes microcredit, the availability of little loans to poor clients; savings and checking accounts; microinsurance; and payment systems, among different services. Microfinance services are designed to achieve excluded customers, typically poorer population segments, probably socially marginalized, or geographically a lot of isolated, and to assist them to become self-sufficing. 

Microfinance ab-initio had a restricted definition: the availability of microloans to poor entrepreneurs and little businesses lacking access to credit. The two main mechanisms for the delivery of economic services to such purchasers were: 

  • Relationship-based banking for individual entrepreneurs and little businesses; and 
  • Group-based models, wherever many entrepreneurs close to using for loans and different services as a bunch. 

History of microfinance

The history of micro-financing will be copied back as so much because the middle of the 1800s, once the intellect Lysander Spooner was writing concerning the advantages of little credits to entrepreneurs and farmers as some way of obtaining the folks out of poorness. Severally of Spooner, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen supported the primary cooperative disposition banks to support farmers in the rural Federal Republic of Germany. The modern use of the expression “microfinancing” has roots within the Nineteen Seventies once Grameen Bank of East Pakistan, supported by microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus, was beginning and shaping the trendy trade of microfinancing. The approach of microfinance was institutionalized by Yunus in 1976, with the muse of Grameen Bank in East Pakistan. Another pioneer during this sector is Pakistani scientist Akhtar Hameed Khan. Since folks within the developing world still mostly depend upon husbandry or basic food trade for his or her bread and butter, important resources have gone into supporting granger agriculture in developing countries.

Technology in Microfinance

Securing a loan will hardly be referred to as a straightforward or pleasant task for anyone. Except for several within the developing world, it’s even harder. A calculable 2.5 billion folks worldwide lack access to formal monetary services, increasing their vulnerability and creating it troublesome to interrupt the cycle of poorness.

The traditional microfinance model tries to handle this challenge by giving folks in underserved regions little microloans to start out income-generating businesses. However whereas this approach has had an appreciable positive impact for a few purchasers, its limitations will be important. Loan terms are usually prohibitively dearly-won and inflexible, particularly for borrowers with no credit history. And if you reside in poor, rural neighbourhoods, these loans might not be obtainable in any respect.

Phone banking 

Phone banking is that the method of conducting banking transactions over a secure phone network was catching the flowery of shoppers. Here a majority of common transactions, as well as balance inquiry, requests for checkbooks, insurance, loans, mutual funds, and different investments, may well be done through an automatic Interactive Voice-driven Menu or a Client Service Associate. Customers have the convenience of business up to their banks from the comfort of their homes or offices or from their mobile phones whereas on the move. Phone Banking is secured via a PIN, address, identity, and sign authentication, and therefore the client will like better to decision anytime employing a toll-free number. This can be an economical system that provides prompt solutions to client complaints and generates high client satisfaction levels once utilized effectively. Customers are sometimes suspended by the queuing and waiting times and ill-mannered and slow client service associates.

 Net banking 

Internet banking or e-banking is that the latest within the series of technological advancements within the delivery of banking merchandise and monetary services. In net banking, any inquiry or group action is processed online with no respect to the branch (anywhere banking) at any time. Currently, it’s become the most affordable approach to providing monetary services in several developing countries. 

Problems within the Adoption of Technology 

Most existing package for MFIs is developed by and for big organizations, usually with important backing from donors, and not with the requirements of smaller rural organizations in mind. In addition, these solutions are typically proprietary, which means their owners charge licensing fees for use of the software and control who can make changes to it. Even in cases wherever the house owners don’t charge to be used of the package, the prices of coaching and customization will be important. This prevents access to the technology particularly for smaller and remote organizations that can’t afford the specified capital investment and are unable to switch existing packages to suit their desires.

In sum, mature package packages and ICT solutions for MFIs exist already, however they’re typically not appropriate or reasonable for the little establishments. A number of the obstacles, specific to those little organizations include: 

  • Lack of masterful workers to support the MIS
  • Lack of native IT support and services surroundings for after-sale service, coaching, and support. 
  • Lack of budget to acquire and update/upgrade technology 

Over time, microfinance has emerged as a bigger movement whose object is: “a world during which as everybody, particularly the poor and socially marginalized folks and households have access to a good vary of reasonable, prime quality monetary merchandise and services, as well as not simply credit however additionally savings, insurance, payment services, and fund transfers.

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