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  2. Overdraft 
  3. Demand loans
  4. Term loans
  5. Bill funding 


A loan may be a add of cash borrowed for a selected purpose at a rate of interest with the promise to repay the quantity within the future. disposition establishments provide business loans to entrepreneurs at enticing rates to line up or expand a business.


Under order of payment protection, if a client’s bank account enters a negative balance, they’re going to be able to access a present loan provided by the bank, and area unit charged a fee. In several cases order of payment protection is employed to forestall a check from bouncing, and also the embarrassment that this could cause. in addition, it should stop a non-sufficient fund fee, however in several cases, every can variety of fee can charge roughly an equivalent quantity.

  • Overdraft protection may be a loan provided by some banks to customers once their account reaches zero.
  • The order of payment permits the client to continue paying bills even once there’s lean cash within the customer’s account(s).
  • An order of payment is like every different loan, the client pays interest on the loan and, within the case of overdrafts, can usually have a one-time lean funds fee.

Demand loans

Demand loans conjointly referred to as capital Loans area unit the loans needed to be repaid on the demand of the loaner. The loaner will demand this compensation of the loan any time even at short notice. the first distinction between demand loans and term loans is that demand loans area unit sanctioned with none fastened length sometimes for short business necessities. Here are some of distinct options and blessings of choosing demand loans:

  • Demand loans area unit sanctioned to fulfil short term business necessities like buying or upgrading capital, raw materials or the other short business necessities.
  • The quantity and tenure of the loan area unit determined by the loaner and is negotiable.
  • The recipient is needed to pay interest solely on the proportion of the loan used.
  • The compensation tenure is versatile and also the borrowers have the freedom of honouring payments after they have needed funds or once demanded by the loaner.  The recipient has the freedom to repay the loan beforehand while not the concern of pre-payments charges or penalties.
  • Demand loans area unit sanctioned against tangible assets or different securities.

Term loans

Term loans area unit sanctioned for a selected tenure and compensation schedule. it’s best suited to the long run and capital-intensive necessities.

  • Term loans area unit sanctioned for giant capital necessities like commencing/upgrading a business, purchase of land, instrumentality etc.
  • These loans have fastened instalments and compensation schedules.  Interest is charged on the complete quantity in spite of the quantity used and defrayal charges area unit levied just in case the loan is paid back before schedule.
  • Term loans area unit sanctioned against tangible assets that embody machinery, land etc. 

Bill funding 

Bills Finance involves provision of medium and short finance for the advantage of   the   small-scale   sector.    Bills   Finance   seeks   to give   finance, to makers   of endemic   machinery, capital instrumentality, parts   sub-assemblies   etc, primarily based   on compliance   to   the numerous   eligibility   criteria, norms   etc   as   applicable   to   the individual schemes. 

  • Bill finance is best than money credit. Bills area unit self-liquidating and also the date of compensation of a bank’s loans through discounting or rediscounting is definite.
  • Bills give larger liquidity to their holders as a result of they will be shifted to others within the market just in case of would like for money.
  • A developed bill market is additionally helpful to the banks is case of emergency. within the absence of such a market, the banks in would like of money have to be compelled to rely either on decision market or on the Reserve Bank’s loan window.
  • The business bill rate is far more than the Treasuries rate. Thus, the business banks and different monetary establishments with short surplus funds notice in bills a lovely supply of each liquidity still as profit.
  • A development bill market is additionally helpful for the borrowers. The bills area unit time-bound, is sold within the market and carry the extra security within the style of acceptor’s signature. Therefore, for the borrowers, the value of bill finance is under that of money credit.
  • A developed bill market makes the criterion of the country additional elastic. Whenever the economy needs extra cash, the banks will get the bills rediscounted from the bank and so will increase the cash provide.
  • Development of the bill market also will build the financial management measures, as adopted by the bank, more practical. As noticed by the Narasimhan Study cluster, “the evolution of the bill market also will build the discount rate variation by the bank a more practical weapon of financial management because the impact of any such changes may be transmitted through this sensitive market to the remainder of the industry.”

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