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2. Secondary Market

3. Importance of Secondary Market

4. Features of secondary market

5. Functions of Stock Exchange/Secondary Market


Secondary markets embrace possibility markets and deal markets within which possession of securities is transferred. Investors produce auction markets, like the big apple stock market, by gathering in one physical space to announce bids and raise costs, and trade and sell stock. Deal markets square measure electronic markets that haven’t any demand for participants to congregate in one space. Dealers produce deal markets, like the NASDAQ, by connecting electronically to shop for and sell, vie for sales and earn profits supported the unfold between the get and sell value.

Secondary Market

A market where investors purchase securities or assets from alternative investors, instead of from supplying firms them. The national exchanges – like the big apple stock market and therefore the NASDAQ square measure secondary markets. Securities issued by an organization for the primary time square measure offered to the general public within the primary market. Once the commercialism is finished and therefore the stock is listed, they’re listed within the secondary market. The most distinction between the two is that within the primary market, Associate in Nursing capitalist gets securities directly from the corporate through IPOs, whereas within the secondary market, one purchases securities from alternative investors willing to sell identical.

Importance of Secondary Market

Secondary Market has a crucial role to play behind the developments of the Associate in the nursing economic capital market. The secondary market connects investors’ favoritism for liquidity with the capital users’ would like to mistreatment their capital for an extended amount.

Features of secondary market

  • It Creates Liquidity: The most necessary feature of the secondary market is to make the liquidity in securities. Liquidity suggests the immediate conversion of securities into money. This job is performed by the secondary market.
  • It comes once Primary Market: Any new security can’t be sold for the primary time within the secondary market. New securities square measure initial sold within the primary market and thenceforth comes the flip of the secondary market.
  • It’s a selected Place: The secondary market contains an explicit place that is named the stock market. However, it should be noted that it’s not essential that everyone the shopping for and merchandising of securities are done solely through the stock market.
  • It Encourages New Investment: The rates of shares and alternative securities usually fluctuate within the share market. Several new investors enter this market to use this case. This results in a rise in investment within the industrial sector of the country.

Functions of Stock Exchange/Secondary Market

  • Economic Barometer: A stock market may be a reliable measuring system to live the status of a rustic. Every major amendment in-country and economy is mirrored within the costs of shares. The increase or fall within the share costs indicates the boom or recession cycle of the economy. The stock market is additionally referred to as a pulse of the economy or the economic mirror that reflects the economic conditions of a rustic.
  • Rating of Securities: The exchange helps to price the securities on the idea of demand and provide factors. The securities of profitable and growth homeward firms square measure-valued higher as there’s additional demand for such securities. The valuation of securities is beneficial for investors, the government, and creditors. The investors will recognize the worth of their investment, the creditors will price the trustiness and the government will impose taxes on the price of securities.
  • Safety of Transactions: In the stock market solely the listed securities square measure listed and stock market authorities embrace the businesses names within the trade list solely once sustentative the soundness of the company. The businesses that square measure listed they even have to control among the strict rules and laws. This ensures the safety of dealing through the stock market.
  • Contributes to Economic Growth: In stock exchange securities of assorted firms square measure bought and sold. This method of withdrawal and reinvestment helps to speculate on the best investment proposal and these results in capital formation and economic process.
  • Spreading of Equity Cult: Stock exchange encourages folks to speculate in possession securities by control new problems, higher commercialism practices, and educating the public concerning investment.
  • Providing Scope for Speculation: To ensure liquidity and demand of providing of securities the stock market permits healthy speculation of securities.
  • Liquidity: The main operate of exchange is to supply a prepared marketplace for sale and get of securities. The presence of the stock market offers assurance to investors that their investment will be regenerate into money whenever they require. The investors will invest in future investment comes with no hesitation, as owing to the stock market they’ll convert a future investment into the short-term and medium term.
  • Higher Allocation of Capital: The shares of profit creating firms square measure quoted at higher costs and square measure actively listed therefore such firms will simply raise recent capital from the exchange. The overall public hesitates to speculate in securities of loss-creating firms. Therefore stock market facilitates the allocation of investor’s funds to profitable channels.
  • Promotes the Habits of Savings and Investment: The exchange offers enticing opportunities for investment in numerous securities. These enticing opportunities encourage folks to save lots of additional and invest in securities of the company sector instead of investing in unproductive assets like gold, silver, etc.

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