1. Overview
  2. Bank BC
  3. Bank BF
  4. Evolution of Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators
  5. Purpose of BC and BF
  6. Objective of BC/ BF
  7. Advantages of mistreatment BC/ BF


In Jan 2006, the Reserve Bank of India issued a brand-new set of pointers permitting banks to use two classes of intermediaries – Business Correspondents (BC) and Business Facilitators (BF) to expand their stretch. in keeping with the rules, whereas the BCs square measure allowable to hold out transactions on behalf of the bank as agents, the BF will refer purchasers, pursue the clients’ proposal and facilitate the bank to hold out its transactions, however cannot interact on behalf of the bank.

Bank BC

Business correspondents square measure bank representatives. They assist villagers to open bank accounts. Business Correspondents get commission from bank for each new account gap, each group action created via them, each loan-application processed etc. The Business Correspondent carries a mobile device and helps villagers in banking transactions. The denizen offers his thumb impression or electronic signature, and gets the money.

Bank BF

A supporter helps a bunch of individuals in very business to succeed in an outcome or call that everybody can take responsibility and be absolutely committed. A supporter helps by providing a structure to a method sanctioning cooperative decision-making. You need to note that a supporter does not lead, however rather guides. The supporter does not supply solutions or suggest choices, however rather helps the cluster discover solutions. within the simplest terms, they’re agreement builders.

Evolution of Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators

Began within the Nineties as some way of dominant the twenty years of high inflation and to boost Brazil’s social programmes. All bills were antecedently paid in bank branches that display a retardant within the North and Northeast region, as banks were inaccessible. Also, the govt. gave edges to families to stay their youngsters in school; however, it had been nearly not possible to distribute the advantages with the dearth of accessibility to banks. The model started with the intensive lottery network having the ability to perform transactions. Regulation was then modified to permit any non-financial establishments to act as agents.

Purpose of BC and BF

Banks operate variety of channels through that they deliver money services: Bank branches, ATMs and therefore the net banking square measure the standard channels. The Business Correspondent possibility offers a brand-new channel through that banks will extend services, the rules square measure written during a method which needs a bank to be concerned and is that the final supplier of services. whereas run has oversight and restrictive responsibility for the BC banking channel as a part of its restrictive regime, the principal banks square measure to blame for the acts of their correspondents.

The BC/BF model can supply an efficient method, for the banks, to succeed in the un-reached population at massive, customers and intermediaries alike. during this model banks don’t need to invest in pricey infrastructure of a branch to succeed in the un-banked areas whereas and at constant time the people that remained excluded to date are assured of easy accessibility to money merchandise and services. For this to happen an oversized variety of BC/BF, United Nations agency don’t seem to be bank workers however square measure outsourced by banks – across the country to perform as their agents – would be required. this may bring the yet ‘excluded’ rural poor and facilitate establish an open, inclusive and egalitarian society within the rural areas and build money inclusion a reality with during a timeframe.

Objective of BC/ BF

Business Correspondents / Business Facilitators (BC/BF) can facilitate banks in:

  • Identifying potential customers.
  • Advising / message village folks regarding acceptable bank merchandise and services.
  • Helping villagers in finishing formalities that square measure required to interact with banks.
  • Educating customers regarding terms of sanction, reimbursement and recovery.
  • Swing through / serving to in Putting through basic and small-value transactions of rural folks.

Advantages of mistreatment BC/ BF

  • A better various than bank branches – Commonly a rural bank branch will serve three,000 to 4,000 families in twelve to fifteen villages at intervals a radius of 15kms. A Public Sector Bank branch could need over five years to breakeven in unbanked areas in India, whereas a personal sector & foreign bank with IT property could need regarding five times additional. Further, getting permission to open a branch could be a long and drawn-out method. The B.C. possibility doubtless allows banks to succeed in out abundant quicker and at a far lower price.
  • Reaching the inaccessible – The model modifies banks to increase money services to the inaccessible purchasers on the far side their branch network as beneficiaries of the B.C. square measure principally placed at unbanked and underbanked areas.
  • Doorstep banking – Disbursement and loan recovery at the doorsteps of the beneficiary.
  • Better quality of assets – Target purchasers square measure standard to native NGOs, Post Offices, BDO and similar native social bodies, so loan facilitation by the NGOs/BC (who square measure the promoter/builder of the groups) enhances quality of assets. Scaling from this model is feasible at intervals a brief span of your time.

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