1. Summary
  2. Documents needed to file claim below EPF, EPS, and EDLI
  3. Processing of death claims
  4. Submitting claims for exempted establishments


Those who have lost earning members to the novel coronavirus ought to keep in mind to file the claim for cash lying within the deceased person’s Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) and Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) accounts. Here is however nominees will file a claim for cash in an exceedingly deceased person’s EPF, EPS, and EDLI schemes’ accounts

Nominees ought to note that the Labour Ministry, via a notification dated April twenty-eight, 2021, has declared extra advantages below these schemes for members who have lost their lives thanks to Covid-19. As per the measures declared, the add insured below the EDLI theme has been hiked to Rs 7 lakhs from Rs.6 lakhs earlier

Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) accounts in insurance cowl out there to EPF members. It’s collectible to someone (nominee or legal heir) happiness to member’s family or otherwise entitled thereto within the event of death of the worker whereas he/she was a member of EPF.

As per the EPF theme rules, someone will nominate completely different persons in his/her EPF and EPS accounts. However, the pol for EDLI is going to be identical because it is for EPF.

Further, the condition to avail of the minimum assurance advantage of Rs 2.5 lakhs for eligible members of the family of the deceased worker has been tweaked. As per the new condition, minimum assurance profit is going to be out there if the member was in commission for an eternal amount of twelve months in one or additional institutions preceding his death. Earlier, the deceased member was needed to own been in continuous employment within the same company for twelve months.

Puneet Gupta, Director – individuals consultive Services, EY says, “The profit below EDLI theme is calculated as per a selected formula supported average balance within the member’s provident fund account and average monthly wages for last twelve months. Recently, the government via a notification dated April twenty-eight, 2021, has retrospectively increased the minimum profit below EDLI to Rs 2.5 lakhs and most profit to Rs.7 Lakhs.”

Documents needed to file claim below EPF, EPS, and EDLI

Gupta says, “In the event of death, EPF member, the claim for provident fund refund, pension, and EDLI may be filed either by filling up and submitting Composite form in Death cases with the regional EPFO workplace or online on the EPFO portal.”

The following documents are going to be needed to be submitted:

  • Death certificate of the EPF member
  • Date of birth certificate of the claimants
  • Bank account proof (cancelled cheque/passbook) of claimant/s
  • Beneficiary’s Aadhaar number
  • Photograph of the claimant/s

The Nominee ought to have their mobile variety coupled with Aadhaar just in case of online submission of a claim. whereas filling the shape online, do make sure that the beneficiary’s (nominee) name, Aadhaar variety, and date of the birth match with the records of the EPFO that was submitted by the member (i.e., the deceased person) at the time of filing the nomination.

“In case of death of EPS member whereas being in commission (irrespective of the variety of years of eligible service), the pol is going to be eligible to receive a monthly pension. Do confine mind that the pol is going to be eligible to receive a monthly pension on condition that a minimum of one month’s contribution has been created within the EPS account and therefore the deceased member dies whereas in commission. However, if the deceased member has left employment earlier and has not rendered eligible service for ten years or additional, then the monthly pension is going to be paid to the pol.”

Do confine mind that a member can get a monthly pension on condition that he/she may be a member of EPS. A personal has joined the EPF when Sept one, 2014, and basic wages at the time of connexion didn’t exceed Rs 15,000 per month is eligible to hitch EPS.

Processing of death claims

Field officers are directed by EPFO that death case claims submitted by the spouse/nominee of the EPF member ought to be settled at intervals an amount of seven days from the date of submission of form at the involved field workplace wherever the deceased member’s account is being maintained.

Further, Provident Fund authorities can verify the pol details as per kind a pair of (Nomination Form) mentioned within the withdrawal application.

Submitting claims for exempted establishments

“In case of exempted institutions, the pol should apply for claiming provident fund accumulations of the member to the employer/ Trust. For Pension and EDLI contributions created to the EPFO, the composite form for death cases should be filed with EPFO through online or offline mode beside necessary supporting documents.”