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  4. IRDA


The Securities and Exchange Board of India was formally appointed because of the authority for regulation of the monetary markets in India by 1988. It absolutely was at first established as a non-statutory body, i.e. it had no management over something however later in 1992, and it absolutely was declared an associate degree autonomous body with statutory powers. SEBI plays a vital role in regulating the exchange of the Republic of India.

Role of SEBI

  • Issuers of securities: These area unit entities within the company field that raise funds from varied sources within the market. SEBI makes positive that they get a healthy and clear setting for his or her wants.
  • Investor: Investor’s area unit those United Nations agencies keep the markets active. SEBI is chargeable for maintaining an associate degree setting that’s free from malpractices to revive the arrogance of general public United Nations agency invests their hard-earned cash within the markets.
  • Financial Intermediaries:  Act as middlemen between the issuers and investors. They create the monetary transactions sleek and safe.


NABARD functions to market property rural development for attaining prosperity of rural areas in the Republic of India. It’s essentially involved with “matters regarding policy, additionally as designing and operations within the field of credit for agriculture and alternative economic activities in rural areas in India”.

Role of NABARD:

  • It is an associate degree apex establishment that has the power to alter all matters regarding policy, designing additionally as operations in giving credit for agriculture and alternative economic activities within the rural areas.
  • It may be a refinancing agency for those establishments that offer investment and production credit for promoting the many organic process programs for rural development.
  • It is raising the absorbent capacity of the credit delivery system in the Republic of India, as well as observation, formulation of rehabilitation schemes, restructuring of credit establishments, and coaching of personnel.
  • It co-ordinates the agricultural credit funding activities of all kinds of establishments engaged in organic process work at the sphere level whereas maintaining liaison with the Government of the Republic of India, and State Governments, and conjointly run batted in an alternative national level establishments that area unit involved with policy formulation.
  • It prepares rural credit plans, annually, for all districts within the country.
  • It conjointly promotes analysis in rural banking, and also the field of agriculture and rural development.

National Housing Bank

National Housing Bank (NHB), a Government of Republic of India owned entity, was established on nine July 1988 underneath the National Housing Bank Act, 1987. NHB is that the apex establishment for housing. NHB has been established with an associate degree objective to work as a principal agency to market housing finance establishments each at native and regional levels and to supply monetary and alternative support concomitant such establishments and for matters connected with that. The Finance Act, 2019 has amended the National Housing Bank Act, 1987. The modification confers the powers of regulation of Housing Finance firms (HFCs) to the depository financial institution of the Republic of India.NHB registers and supervises Housing Finance firms (HFCs), keeps police investigation through on-the-spot & off-site Mechanisms, and co-ordinates with alternative Regulators.

Role of NHB

  • To promote a sound, healthy, viable, and value-effective housing finance system to cater to any or all segments of the population and to integrate the housing finance system with the national economy.
  • To promote a network of dedicated housing finance establishments to adequately serve varied regions and totally different financial gain, teams.
  • To augment resources for the world and channelize them for housing.
  • To build housing credit more cost-effective.
  • To supervise the activities of housing finance firms supported higher-up power derived underneath the Act.
  • To encourage augmentation of offer of buildable land and conjointly building materials for housing and to upgrade the housing stock within the country.
  • To encourage public agencies to emerge as facilitators and suppliers of repaired land, for housing


“IRDA” is nothing however the abbreviation of the Insurance regulative and Development Authority. The Authority acts because the regulator of the insurance business in the Republic of India and oversees the functioning of the insurance and General Insurance firms in operation within the country. The most objective of the IRDA is to safeguard the interests of the customer and regulate the insurance business. To understand the assorted functions and also the role of IRDA within the Indian insurance sector, scan on to be told regarding the apex body of insurance suppliers in the Republic of India.

Role of IRDA

  • To defend the policyholder’s interests.
  • To facilitate speed up the expansion of the insurance business in associate degree orderly fashion, for the good thing about the soul.
  • To offer long-run funds to hurry up the nation’s economy.
  • To promote, set, enforce and monitor high standards of integrity, truthful dealing, monetary soundness, and ability of the insurance suppliers.
  • To guarantee real claims area units settled quicker and with efficiency.
  • To stop malpractices and fraud, the IRDA has established a grievance redress forum to confirm the customer is protected.
  • To promote transparency, fairness, and systematic conduct of insurance within the monetary markets.
  • To build a dependable management system to form positive high standards of monetary stability area unit followed by insurers.
  • To take adequate action wherever such high standards don’t seem to be maintained.
  • To make sure the optimum quantity of self-regulation of the business.

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