1. Summary
  2. Indian Gold Coin
  3. Amendments in Gold Deposit Scheme and India Gold Coin
  4. Gold Monetisation Scheme Benefits


In Indian households, over 20,000 tonnes of gold are lying idle. to show this unused gold into a productive plus, the govt. of Bharat launched the Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS). The theme was launched by the Prime Minister of Bharat in 2015 to mobilize gold and facilitate its use for productive functions, which will facilitate reducing India’s reliability on gold imports. The theme will profit jewellers by permitting them to get loans. disposition establishments like banks and NBFCs too can legitimize this gold.

In the Union Budget (2015-16) speech, the govt. had declared to interchange the present Gold Monetisation Scheme (GDS) (1999) and Gold Metal Loan (GML) theme (1998). however, as GMS could be a combination of the simplest options of each of the schemes, run batted in in an exceeding notification later processed that GMS would come with revamped GDS likewise as GML. within the pointers, the financial organization has any processed that the GMS can replace the present GDS (1999) however the deposits outstanding beneath GDS can still run till maturity unless untimely withdrawn by the depositors. Another necessary purpose mentioned within the notification is that the present GML theme can still run parallel to the GMS-coupled GML.

Indian Gold Coin

The Indian gold coin could be a part of the Gold Monetisation Programme. The coin is the initial ever national gold coin minted in Bharat and has the National Emblem of Ashok Chakra graven on one facet and Mahatma Gandhi on the opposite facet. The coins are obtainable in denominations of five, ten, and twenty grams. The Indian Gold coin & bullion is exclusive in several aspects and carries advanced anti-counterfeit options and tamper-proof packaging. The Indian Gold coin & bullion is of twenty-four-carat purity and every coin & bullion is hallmarked as per the BIS standards.

Amendments in Gold Deposit Scheme and India Gold Coin

Ministry of Finance has approved amendments to the Gold Monetisation scheme and amendments to the Indian Gold Coin theme vide its workplace note No. 1/21/2020-FT dated ninth February 2021 that aim, to create the theme easy, enticing, and productive.

The key amendments to Revamped Gold Deposit Scheme embody increasing the number of branches of Public Sector Banks all told cities to be selected as GMS service branches, dematerialization of MTGD and LTGD Deposit Certificates to create them tradeable and Mortgageable, Jewellers/Refiners to be engaged as Gold Mobilisation Agents and CPTCs, interest payment in STBD denominated and to be paid in agency terms, reducing the minimum deposit beneath R-GDS to ten grams of gold, allowing banks to shop for normal domestically refined/ sourced gold from refineries and Gold Spot Exchanges, permitting interbank disposition of IGDS/LBMA normal Bullion, development of GMS Digital Platform and use of MLTGD Gold beneath GMS for Bullion Leasing beneath GML.

The key amendments to Revamped Gold Metal Loan theme embody reimbursement of GML in variant 1KG, reimbursement of gold loan beneath GML mistreatment domestically sourced IGDS normal bullion which GML are created obtainable to any or all jewellers with a legitimate capital Credit Limit.

Many of the higher than mentioned amendments to Revamped Gold Deposit theme have already been notified by run batted in by amending the GMS Master Direction No.DBR.IBD. No.45/23.67.003/2015-16 dated Oct twenty-two, 2015 on fifth April 2021.

The key amendments to the Indian Gold Coin theme embody that SPMCIL will mint and sell IGC through a web e-commerce platform, and via multiple channels together with Airports, accessibility of IGC in each 999 and 995 purity, minting in smaller denominations, and adaptability to mint commemorating and alternative order gold coins.

Gold Monetisation Scheme Benefits

The benefits of the gold monetisation theme are:

  • Mobilise idle gold: The theme can facilitate mobilizing gold that has been lying idle within the confined areas of households, trusts, and alternative establishments in India. The movement of gold within the national market can profit the Indian gems and jewellery sector which could be a major contributor to India’s exports.
  • Earn interest: Gold lying in your bank lockers or home doesn’t earn you something. Once you store gold in an exceeding bank locker, it prices your bank locker charges to stay safe. The gold monetisation theme can assist you to earn interest on your gold deposits, which can augment your savings.
  • Avail secured storage: Bank lockers are onerous to induce. gap a gold time deposit account with a bank can eliminate your tension relating to gold storage. Once you deposit your gold possessions, your bank can keep them secured and safe.
  • Enjoy tax benefit: The earnings on the gold monetisation theme are exempted from the capital gains tax, wealth tax, and tax. Even once the worth of your gold deposit appreciates, capital gains tax won’t be levied thereon or on the interest, you earn from it.
  • Get flexibility on redemption: The gold investor has the choice to require either money or gold on redemption. However, the redemption preference should be mentioned at the time of deposit.
  • Reduce the government’s reliance on gold imports: The mobilized gold will supplement the RBI’s (Reserve Bank of India) gold reserves. it’ll additionally facilitate the govt. in reducing the Government’s price of borrowing. within the long-standing time, it’s additionally expected to decrease India’s dependency on gold imports.