1. Remittances

1.1 Inward remittances

1.2 Refund of inward remittances

2. AML

 2.1 The Importance of an Effective Anti-Money Laundering

3. Foreign currency accounts

3. 1 Foreign currency transactions


Payment may be a transfer of cash, typically by an overseas employee to a person in their home country. Cash sent home by migrants competes with international aid joined of the most important monetary inflows to developing countries. Inward payment means that funds received into your checking account. Outward payment is the transfer of funds within the style of exchange by an individual from India, to a beneficiary outside India (except for Nepal and Bhutan) for any bonafide functions as permissible underneath the exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999.

Refund of Inward Remittances

AD branches will refund inward remittances off by the overseas remitting banks. However, before refunding the number branch needs to satisfy that refund isn’t created to hide transactions of countervailing nature resulting in loss of For-ex to the state or utilized by residents in India apart from the initial beneficiaries. If asking is formed from overseas for cancellation of Inward Remittances, approved Dealers could do therefore while not touching on depository financial institution, if refunds aren’t to complete a loss. Amounts up to INR 50,000/ are also paid in money to a beneficiary in India. These may be loaded onto a pre-paid card issued by banks. Any quantity surpassing this limit shall be paid by means that of account receiver cheque/ demand draft/ payment order, etc., or attributable to the beneficiary’s checking account. Foreign inward payment subject to causation cash abroad from India. A lot of over SBI is claimed to be the most effective for inward remittances that provide the best rates to everyone. If you have got heaps of cash returning in and can have revenant transactions, talk over with the bank, and that they can provide you with smart rates. Citibank and Indus Ind Bank will provide you with particular rates if they require your business. For me, SBI offers the most effective rate.

Anti-Money Laundering

AML procedures defend the foremost vulnerable members of society by serving to engender societies wherever crime is a smaller amount rife and wherever monetary inclusion is expedited by correct and reliable KYC processes.

The Importance of a good Anti-Money Laundering

Creating, implementing, and maintaining a good Anti-Money lavation (AML) program has forever been difficult, however in today’s more and more digital, dynamic surroundings the task is a lot arduous. Given the quality of the present AML landscape, quality knowledge is commonly viewed as a lot of valuable than gold or oil by monetary establishments and non-bank monetary establishments. Computing (AI) and machine learning solutions drive compliance and audit groups to peak performance and with efficiency and effectively analyze lots of transactions to seek out hidden risk and solve root cause analysis problems.

The increasing AML program scrutiny is exemplified by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) workplace of Inspections and Examinations announcement of its 2018 examination priorities that touched on AML. The priorities area unit printed annually in a trial to boost compliance, stop fraud, monitor risk, and inform policy.

The Sec’s 2018 priorities include Compliance and risks in essential market infrastructure; matters of importance to retail investors, together with seniors and people saving for retirement; FINRA and MSRB; cyber security; and AML. The SEC indicated declared that “examiners can review for compliance with applicable anti-money lavation needs, together with whether or not corporation’s area unit suitably adapting their AML programs to deal with their regulative obligations.”

The required pillars of a good AML program area unit well known:

•           Having written policies and procedures;

•           Designating Associate in Nursing AML compliance officer;

•           Conducting freelance testing of the institution’s AML program;

•           Implementation of Associate in Nursing adequate worker educational program, and;

•           Establishment of a risk-based, client due diligence (CDD) procedure (effective could eleven, 2018)

Foreign currency accounts

A foreign Currency Account (FCA) may be a transactional account denominated during a currency apart from the house currency and may be maintained by a bank within the home country (onshore) or a bank in another country (offshore). Foreign currency accounts area unit usually not lined by national deposit insurance schemes. FCA work on your typical checking account usually converts cash to and from United States greenbacks for transactions in foreign currencies. An overseas currency account, however, permits you to send and receive funds in multiple currencies. Consistent with the exchange Management act, 2000, you need to surrender the unused exchange within one hundred eighty days of your come back from abroad. However, if you, therefore, need you’ll be able to keep exchange up to USD 2,000 in your Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) or RFC (Domestic) Accounts.

Foreign currency transactions

•           Exchange some money before inward in your next country.

•           Order foreign money reception.

•           Avoid exchanging currency at airports or close to traveler sites.

•           Use ATM machines to induce the most effective rate offered.

•           Use credit cards for larger purchases.

•           Take the time to buy around.

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