1. Possibilities in Joint venture
  2. Primary benefits of Forming a Joint Venture
  3. Advantages of Joint venture
  4. Disadvantages of Joint Venture

Possibilities in Joint venture

A venture will be versatile which might be in context to the wants of the organization. The agreement between the businesses ought to have careful terms and conditions about the activities which will be carried out by them. This aids in clarification and doesn’t enable any ambiguity between the stakeholders. The agreement additionally helps to designate the particular scope of labor that either of parties must conduct.

Two organizations of various countries may bear a venture to conduct a business. During this case, the directives issued by the respective governments have to be followed before getting into any reasonable venture. These norms facilitate the governments to stay a check on the activities of the organizations and guarantee a legal activity is conducted by the organizations in the venture.

Primary benefits of Forming a Joint Venture

A venture affords every party access to the resources of the opposite participant(s) while not having to pay excessive amounts of capital. Every company is in a position to take care of its own identity and may simply come back to traditional business operations once the venture is complete. Joint ventures additionally give a good thing about shared risk.

Advantages of Joint venture

Economies of Scale

Joint Venture helps organizations to rescale their restricted capability. The strength of 1 organization will be utilized by the opposite. This provides a competitive advantage to each organization to come up with economies of quantifiability.

Access to New Markets and Distribution Networks

When one organization enters into a venture with another organization, it opens a massive market that features the potential to grow and develop. For instance, once a company of ours in America enters into a venture with another organization primarily based in an Asian country, then the corporate of ours has the bonus of accessing Indian markets with numerous variants of paying capability and diversification of selection. At a similar time, the Indian company has the advantage to access our markets of ours that are geographically scattered and have smart paying capability wherever the standard of the merchandise isn’t compromised. Distinctive Indian merchandise has huge markets across the world.


Joint ventures offer a new advantage to upgrading merchandise and services about technology. Promoting will be through numerous innovative platforms and technological gradation helps in creating smart merchandise at an economical price. International firms will return with new concepts and technology to cut back prices and supply higher-quality merchandise.

Low price of Production

When 2 or additional firms be a part of the hands along, the motive is to supply the merchandise at the best worth. And this may be done once the price of production will be reduced or the cost of services will be managed. A real venture aims at this solely to supply the best merchandise and services to its shoppers.

Brand Name

A separate name will be created for the venture. This helps in giving a particular look and recognition to the whole. Once 2 parties enter into a venture, then the goodwill of 1 company that is already established within the market will be utilized by another organization for gaining a competitive advantage over alternative players within the market.

For example, an enormous whole of Europe entering into a venture with an Indian company can provide a synergic advantage because the whole is already established across the world.

Access to Technology

Technology is a horny reason for organizations to enter into a venture. Advanced technology with one organization to supply superior quality merchandise saves a great deal of your time, energy, and resources. While not the additional investment of giant quantity once more to form a technology that is already breathing, the access to the same technology will be done only firms enter into the venture and provides a competitive advantage.

Disadvantages of Joint Venture

Joint venture contracts ordinarily limit the skin activities of participant firms whereas the project is ongoing. Every company concerned in a very venture also needed to sign exclusivity agreements or a non-compete agreement that affects current relationships with vendors or alternative business contacts. The contract underneath that ventures square measure created may expose every company to liability inherent to a partnership unless a separate business entity is established for the joint venture. What is more, whereas firms collaborating in a very venture share management, work activities, and use of resources don’t seem to be continuously divided equally.