1. Summary
  2. OTC Pink
  3. Understanding of Pink
  4. Regulation of the OTC Pink Marketplace
  5. Conclusion


OTC Markets cluster opposition. is that the largest U.S. marketplace for OTC securities with over eleven,500 securities listed as of 2022. OTC Markets cluster opposition. provides services in 3 core areas, specifically commerce services, market knowledge, and company services.

  • OTC securities are listed in 3 tiers: OTCQX, which has the foremost rigorous listing needs, the OTCQB, which is the venture market, and also Pink Open Market, which incorporates corporations in money distress or bankruptcy.
  • Of the 3 tiers, the Pink Open Market is the largest in terms of the number of corporations and trade volume. The handling of most OTC securities commerce within the U.S. is on the company’s OTC Link platform, another commerce system registered with the SEC.

OTC Pink

The OTC Pink, currently branded because of the Pink Open Market, is the lowest and most speculative tier of the 3 marketplaces for the commerce of over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. All 3 tiers are provided and operated by the OTC Markets cluster. This marketplace offers to trade a good variety of equities through any broker and includes corporations in default or money distress.

Since it’s no speech act needs, the categorization of OTC Pink corporations is from info provided by the corporate. OTC Markets cluster currently markets OTC Pink because of the Pink Open Market, however, the historical name persists.

  • OTC Pink, conjointly referred to as the “pink sheets,” is the most speculative of OTC Markets Group’s platforms.
  • Companies on OTC Pink don’t seem to be controlled by specific speech act needs or high money standards seen with the stocks listed on major exchanges.
  • Due to the wide selection of corporations listed on OTC Pink, together with dark corporations, delinquent corporations, and worse, solely subtle investors with a high-risk tolerance ought to consider it.

Understanding of Pink

The over-the-counter (OTC) market could be a decentralized market wherever securities, OTC on major exchanges, are listed directly by a network of dealers. rather than providing associate order matchmaking service just like the stock market, these dealers carry inventories of securities to facilitate any purchase or sell orders. As a result, info was ab initio written on pink paper, the OTC Pink is additionally observed because the Pink Sheets.

The OTC Pink, additionally as its companion tiers, OTCQX and OTCQB, is past the OTC Link. The link is an electronic inter-dealer quotation and commerce system developed by an OTC Markets cluster. Registered with the SEC as a principal, OTC Link is additionally another commerce system (ATS).

OTC Link permits broker-dealers not solely to post and circularize their quotes but conjointly to barter trades through the system’s messaging capability. This feature enabled it to interchange the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB), which was a quotation-only system.

Regulation of the OTC Pink Marketplace

Because of the variable, self-reporting nature of OTC Pink corporations, they’re classified supported by the standard and amount of data they supply to investors. Classification is as follows.

  • Current info corporations are those who follow the International reportage normal or different reportage normal. These corporations build filings in public out there through the OTC speech act & News Service.
  • Limited info corporations embody troubled corporations in money distress, bankruptcy, or those with accounting problems. This class conjointly includes corporations that are unwilling to fulfil the OTC Pink Basic speech act pointers.
  • No info corporations are those businesses that don’t offer any speech act the least bit.

All broker-dealers that trade on the OTCQX, OTCQB, and OTC Pink securities ought to be money trade administrative body (FINRA) members. Further, they have to register with the SEC and are subject to state securities laws. During this approach, like exchange-traded securities, investors’ commerce OTC securities are shielded from associate unethical broker-dealers’ contraband practices by similar SEC and FINRA rules like Best Execution, Limit Order Protection, Firm Quotes, and Short Position speech act.


OTC Pink provides for clear commerce and best execution, though there are not any money standards or speech act needs. The marketplace trades a good variety of domestic and foreign corporations together with penny stocks, shell corporations, distressed corporations, and dark corporations that can’t or won’t offer company info to investors. Because of the dearth of reportage needs, solely skilled and complex investors with a high-risk tolerance ought to trade here. Investors ought to perform all the right due diligence by researching the businesses they’re considering and reviewing all business activities.