1. Pre Shipment Finance

1.1 Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)

  • International Factoring
  • Forfaiting
    • Characteristics
  • ECGC
  • Facilities by ECGC

Pre-Shipment Finance

Pre cargo Finance is issued by a financial organization once the vendor needs the payment of the products before cargo. The most objectives behind pre-shipment finance or pre-export finance are to change bourgeois to:

  • Procure raw materials.
  • Carry out producing method.
  • Provide a secure warehouse for products and raw materials.
  • Process and pack the products.
  • Ship the products to the consumers.
  • Meet different money values of the business.

Types of Pre Shipment Finance

  • Packing Credit
  • Advance against Cheques/Draft etc. representing Advance Payments.

The packing credit facility will be provided to Associate in nursing bourgeois on the production of the subsequent evidence to the bank:

  • Formal application for unleashing the packing credit with the endeavor to the result that the bourgeois would be ship the products at intervals stipulated maturity date and submit the relevant shipping documents to the banks at intervals prescribed point in time.
  • Firm order or sealed L/C or original cable/fax / telex message exchange between the bourgeois and therefore the purchaser.
  • Licence issued by DGFT if the products to be exported fall into the restricted or canalized class. If the item falls beneath the quota system, correct quota allotment proof must be submitted.
  • The confirmed order received from the overseas purchaser ought to reveal the knowledge regarding the total name and address of the overseas purchaser, description amount and worth of products (FOB or CIF), destination port, and therefore the last date of payment.


Pre cargo credit is simply issued to it bourgeois World Health Organization has the export order in his own name. However, as an Associate in nursing exception, a financial organization may grant credit to a 3rd party manufacturer or provider of products World Health Organization doesn’t have export orders in their own name.

In this case, a number of the responsibilities of meeting the export needs are outsourced to them by the most bourgeois. In different cases wherever the export order is split between 2 exporters, pre cargo credit will be shared between them

Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)

Authorized dealer’s square measure allowable to increase Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC) with Associate in the nursing objective of creating the credit on the market to the exporters at an internationally competitive value. This is thought-about as another advantage beneath that credit is provided in foreign currency so as to facilitate the acquisition of staple when fulfilling the fundamental export orders.

The rate of interest on PCFC is connected to London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). In keeping with pointers, the ultimate value of bourgeois should not exceed zero.75% over vi month LIBOR, excluding the tax.

The bourgeois has the freedom to avail PCFC in convertible currencies like USD, Pound, Sterling, Euro, and Yen. However, the chance related to the cross-currency truncation is that of the bourgeois.

The sources of funds for the banks for extending PCFC facility embody the Foreign Currency balances on the market with the Bank in Exchange, EEFC, RFC(D), and Foreign Currency Accounts.

Banks are allowable to utilize the foreign currency balances on the market beneath written agreement account and Exporters Foreign Currency accounts. It ensures that the need for funds by the account holders for permissible transactions is met. However, the limit prescribed for maintaining most balance within the account isn’t exceeded. Additionally, Banks might organize for borrowings from abroad. Banks might talk over terms of credit with an overseas banks for the aim of the grant of PCFC to exporters, while not the previous approval of run batted in, provided the speed of interest on borrowing doesn’t exceed 0.75% over 6 month LIBOR.

International Factoring

International resolving is that the method of buying Associate in a Nursing invoice from Associate in nursing bourgeois in one country and collection it later from his purchaser World Health Organization is in another country. This implies that the bourgeois has been paid directly, and therefore the purchaser pays later.


In trade finance, forfaiting could be a service providing medium-term financial backing for the export/import of the capital product. The third-party providing the support is termed forfeiture. The forfeiture provides medium-term finance to, and can ordinarily additionally war bound risks from, the importer; and takes on all risk from the bourgeois, reciprocally for a margin. Payment is also by legal instrument, sanctionative the forfeiture to put off some risks.


  • Credit is extended to the businessperson for an amount of between a hundred and eighty days and 7 years.
  • The minimum bill size is often $250,000, though $500,000 is most popular.
  • The payment is often owed in any major convertible currency.
  • A letter of credit or a guarantee is formed by a bank, sometimes within the importer’s country.
  • The contract will be for either product or services.


The ECGC restricted could be a company whole closely-held by the govt. of India primarily based in urban center, geographic region. It provides credit insurance support to Indian exporters and is controlled by the Ministry of Commerce. The government of Bharat had at first got wind of Export Risks Insurance Corporation (ERIC) in the Gregorian calendar month 1957. It had been reworked into credit and Guarantee Corporation restricted (ECGC) in 1964 and to credit Guarantee Corporation of Bharat in 1983.

Facilities by ECGC

  • Offers insurance protection to exporters against payment risks
  • Provides steerage in export-related activities
  • Makes on the market info on completely different countries with its own credit ratings
  • Makes it straightforward to get export finance from banks/financial establishments
  • Assists exporters in sick debt
  • Provides info on credit-worthiness of overseas consumers

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