1. Introduction
  2. Principles Of Banking Ethics
  3. Relations of Banks With Public Entities and Organizations


Ethics are often outlined as a system of criteria and measures examining the values, norms, and rules underlying individual and social relations on such ethical grounds as right and wrong or sensible and unhealthy. Skilled ethics regulates the relationships of members of the relevant profession with one another and with society, and defines structure ethics and in-house activity culture by imposing bound rules for the resolution of issues originating from within or outside the organization. playing the investment and saving functions by enjoying the role of a unifier and go-between within the society between parties providing and tightening funds, banks, as a locality of the marketplace, primarily and naturally target the profit and productivity principles, which needs them to control in strict compliance with bound skilled and structure ethics principles.

Principles of Banking Ethics

Purpose and Scope

Article one – the fundamental purpose of those Principles of Banking Ethics supposed to be applied all told styles of affairs and relations of banks with one another or with their customers, shareholders and staff, and with alternative organizations is to assure property of the present name and dependableness of banking profession within the public, and to reinforce and maintain such name and dependableness feelings termed as skilled dignity, and to shield and maintain stability, consistency, and confidence in the banking sector.

Legal Grounds

Article two – These Principles of Ethics are issued in reliance upon the provisions of the second paragraph of Article seventy-five and subparagraphs (c) and (e) of Article eighty of the Banking Law no. 5411 and practices which can result in material damages and losses in economy, however conjointly with a read to superintendence the general public edges and social utility and protect the surroundings, banks are needed to act in bike with the final principles printed here in below.


  • Integrity: Persist with the principle of integrity all told their relations within the course of their operations; and
  • Neutrality: Outgoing from the fundamental principle of “Respect towards human underlies the success.”, don’t ever discriminate among their staff and customers, and refrain from biased behaviors; and Abstain from any discrimination of ethnic origin, religion, monetary and rank, or sex in provision of their services; and
  • Reliability: Give clear, apprehensible and correct data to their customers among the frame of mutual trust all told their services and operations, and perform their client services timely and completely; and
  • Transparency: Keep their customers clearly, intelligibly and albeit enlightened regarding their rights and obligations, and edges and risks concerning the product and services offered to them; and before giving any product, service or recommendation, with efficiency assess their customers and monetary capability, standing and wishes of their customers, and provide their product and services accordingly; and
  • Management of Public edges, and reference to Environment: all told of their activities, don’t solely target profit, however conjointly strive in supporting and sponsoring social and cultural events and activities within the lightweight of the principles of management of public edges and reference to environment; and
  • Fight Against washing of payoff of Crime and Combat Against funding of Terrorism: among the framework of international norms and national applicable laws and laws, adopt it as a crucial principle to combat against washing of payoff of crime, corruption and similar alternative acts, and act volitionally to get together with one another and with other relevant entities and organizations and anxious official authorities, and take the specified actions in their own organization, and organize coaching programs for his or her personnel; and
  • Data Abuse: Take all types of measures and actions so as to forestall abuse of info of themselves and their customers.

Relations of Banks with Public Entities and Organizations

Article four – In their relations with public entities and organizations, the banks act in line with the integrity, responsibility, and transparency principles, and watch out for revelation of all data, documents, and records as is also requested for audit and management functions consistent to the applicable laws accurately, utterly and timely.