1. Tax Debt Relief
  2. Five Best Tax Relief Services of 2022
    1. Community Tax
    1. Coast One Tax Group
    1. Optima Tax Relief
    1. Anthem Tax Services
    1. Tax Defense Network

Tax Debt Relief

The IRS opportunity program helps taxpayers catch au courant back taxes and avoid tax liens, levies, wage garnishments, and jail time. Launched in 2011, the program may be a cluster of changes to the U.S. tax code that streamlines the gathering method and makes it potential to settle your tax debt for fewer than the entire quantity you owe. People and businesses are eligible for the program.

Here are four opportunity choices for taxpayers behind on their tax payments:

  • Offer in compromise: This federal program helps you agree to your IRS tax debt for fewer than the complete quantity you owe. The program is accessible to taxpayers World Health Organization owe more cash than they may moderately pay at once or if doing thus would produce a monetary hardship.
  • Currently not collectible (CNC): beneath the CNC program, the IRS determines that your gross monthly financial gain is simply too low to moderately pay what you owe while not triggering monetary hardship. The assortment is halted on your debt, and also the IRS will not levy your bank accounts, garnish your wages, or seize your assets. Instead, you defer creating payments till you are financially able to pay.
  • Installment agreement: An IRS installment agreement helps you to pay the taxes you owe by creating regular monthly payments over a particular, extended timeframe. Interest and penalties could continue accruing till you pay your balance fully.
  • Penalty Abatement: The IRS could scale back or take away penalties from your balance, however, you need to initial prove that you simply had a legitimate reason for not paying your taxes on time. Cheap cause includes heart, natural disasters, and alternative disturbances; the death, serious unwellness, or incapacitation of the payer or a member of their immediate family; an inability to get tax-related records. Note that the IRS states that “a lack of funds, in and of itself, isn’t cheap cause for failure to file or pay on time.”

Keep in mind that, whereas useful, the opportunity program is not essentially straightforward to navigate, and deciding that avenue to pursue is difficult. If you have got important tax debt, take into account that operating with a tax-skilled World Health Organization will make certain you apply to the acceptable program and guide you thru the method.

Five Best Tax Relief Services of 2022

  • Community Tax: Best tax relief company overall
  • Coast One Tax cluster: Best reviews
  • Optima Tax Relief: Best for IRS audit illustration
  • Anthem Tax Services: Best for stopping wage court order
  • Tax Defense Network: Best client service

Community Tax

Community Tax offers in-depth tax relief services for people and little businesses. It assists with each federal and state tax considerations and encompasses a relatively low minimum debt demand of $8000.

The company offers a large array of tax services, including:

•            Tax lien help

•            Payroll tax negotiations

•            IRS audit defense

•            Wage court order bar

•            Tax extensions

Coast One Tax Group

Coast One Tax cluster offers:

•            Tax resolution services like negotiation, liens, bank levies, and wage court order relief

•            IRS audit defense

•            Bookkeeping

Coast One Tax cluster follows a tax relief method the same as that of the many alternative tax relief corporations. The method starts with a free one-on-one consultation, throughout which the corporate decides if you are an appropriate candidate for its tax relief service. This is often conjointly your chance to urge quotes and resolve any potential considerations before continuing with the method.

Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief may be a major player within the tax resolution business and has created its name called being one of the foremost trustworthy tax relief corporations on the market, with prime quality, skilled work. Since 2011, the corporate has provided a variety of tax services to people and businesses, specializing in tax relief. The corporate conjointly offers:

  • Tax protection services like tax filing help, credit observance, audit defense, and fraud protection
  • Tax preparation services like maintaining payroll taxes, filing your tax returns, and clerking

Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services has worked within the tax relief business since 2010 and has grown up into an outsized company staffed by listed agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs. Several of its consultants are members of industry-leading bodies like the NATP and NAEA.

Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network is one of the older tax relief corporations on our list. The corporate started operationally in 1997 and offers federal and state tax debt resolution services to people. Tax Defense Network primarily offers tax relief services, including:

  • Asset seizure and tax levy help
  • Tax lien help
  • Wage court order support
  • IRS communication