1. Tax
  2. Purposes of taxation
  3. Save Tax without Investment
  4. Child Education Fees below Section 80C
  5. Interest stocked on Home Loans below Section 80EE
  6. House Rent Allowance below Section 10(13A)


The month of March marks the tip of the twelvemonth and is the time once taxpayers have to appraise their liabilities taking into consideration eligible deductions, and supported their financial gain for that twelvemonth (FY). Not availing bound eligible deductions may result in higher tax outflow.

It is to be noted that from FY 2020-21, a payer will like better to pay tax below the new, concessional tax regime. Just in case the payer opts for the new tax regime, he/she can get to predate most tax deductions and exemptions. In some cases, the payer might want to take the prevailing tax regime however because of liquidity problems, particularly considering the Covid-19 pandemic state of affairs, might not be able to create more tax-saving investments. Such taxpayers needn’t get pessimistic as bound expenditures are eligible for a write-down.

The deductions a tax money handler is eligible to be claimed from gross total financial gain thereby reducing the ratable financial gain and consequently the tax collectible.


Taxation is the imposition of mandatory levies on people or entities by governments in nearly every country on the planet. Taxation is employed primarily to boost revenue for presidency expenditures, although it will serve alternative functions further.

Purposes of taxation

During the nineteenth century, the rife plan was that taxes ought to serve chiefly to finance the govt. In earlier times, and once more these days, governments have utilized taxation apart from just financial functions. One helpful thanks to reading the aim of taxation, as a result by Yankee economic expert Richard A. Musgrave, is to tell apart between objectives of resource allocation, financial gain distribution, and economic stability. (Economic growth or development and international aggressiveness square measure typically listed as separate goals, however, they will typically be subsumed below the opposite) within the absence of a robust reason for interference, like the necessity to scale back pollution, the primary objective, resource allocation, is furthered if the tax program doesn’t interfere with market-determined allocations. The second objective, financial gain distribution, is supposed to minimize inequalities within the distribution of financial gain and wealth. the target of stabilization implemented through tax programs, government expenditure policy, financial policy, and debt management—is that of maintaining high employment and value stability.

 Save Tax without Investment

The revenue enhancement department stocked distinct deductions and privileges to the assesse that might get excluded from the rateable financial gain below chapter VI A below Section eighty to diminish the tax load.

Through the assistance of investment, you’d get the deductions, however, there are so some deductions that one will get excluding any investments through capital punishment and some daily expenditures.

One of the key deductions that one might get is below 80C, some further deductions would reduce the liabilities of the assesse despite not saving the tax within the tax-saving instrument.

Below square measure the mentioned the way to save revenue enhancement while not investing by straightforward tips.

Child Education Fees below Section 80C

One might claim deductions towards the schooling fees of your youngsters towards full-time education of most of two youngsters with up to Rs 1.5 lakhs below Section 80C of Income-tax, 1961. Additionally one would change to save lots of below Section 80E towards the interest stocked on loan claimed against the education of the kid involved for 8 sequential years.

Interest stocked on Home Loans below Section 80EE

For the first time, the one that is buying a house will avail of the deduction of up to Rs 50,000 on the interest paid on the house loan below section 80EE. However, the loan quantity should not be quite Rs 35 lakhs and also the value of the residential property should not be quite Rs 50 lakhs.

House Rent Allowance below Section 10(13A)

Under Section 10(13A) of the revenue enhancement Act, House Rent Allowance (HRA), may be availed by the freelance and salaried persons who don’t own any residential properties towards the smallest amount of the mentioned amounts:

  • Forty to five hundredth of the number of total pay (50% towards the priority of the metropolitan city)
  • Actual quantity obtained as HRA
  • The rent quantity but 100 percent of the employee’s pay

To avail the advantage of the tax the assesse ought to urge to furnish the rent receipts, and further data to the leader to avail the privileged quantity.

Medical Expenses of Senior Citizen Parents U/S 80D

If the age of your folks is sixty years or surpassing that and don’t bear any medical insurance theme then one might avail the deduction upon the money stocked on their medical expenses. An individual is ready to require the utmost limit of Rs. 50000 as a deduction per section 80D of the revenue enhancement act.