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  2. Time Deposit Account
  3. To Open a Time Deposit Account
  4. Process of your Time Deposit Accounts
  5. Time Deposit Account vs. deposit Account


A Time Deposit account could be a sort of fixed-cost bank or bank account that needs you to depart your cash within the account for an agreed-upon length of your time, or term. If you wish to access the funds in an exceedingly time deposit account, you would like to attend till the term is up. Otherwise, you will get to pay an early withdrawal penalty.

Time deposit accounts help hold savings, and should supply higher annual share yields (APYs) than regular savings accounts. A certificate of deposit (Time Deposit) is the best example of a Time Deposit account. Time Deposit accounts are lined by insurance if the account is controlled by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation bank or any federal bank and most state-chartered credit unions, have NCUA coverage.

When you’re deciding wherever to stay your cash, it’s necessary to know however Time Deposit accounts work and the way they compare to different sorts of bank accounts.

Time Deposit Account

Time deposit accounts conjointly referred to as term deposit accounts, need you to deposit your savings for a particular length of your time. Though these accounts are less versatile than typical savings accounts, they conjointly tend to earn higher interest rates. Most people are also additional accustomed to the name certificate of deposit that is that the most well-known sort of time deposit account.

Time deposit accounts and TIME DEPOSITs work under identical means and are typically marketed underneath identical names. Some banks supply accounts that are referred to as TIME DEPOSIT accounts, rather than mistreatment the TIME DEPOSIT name. Different banks might use the names time deposit and time deposit interchangeably for these accounts.

Another sort of time deposit, offered by credit unions, is the share certificate. Share certificates perform like time deposits, earning interest over an outlined term. As a result of these account holders are members, the certificate yields they earn are cited as dividends instead of interest.

To Open a time deposit Account

If you’re able to open a time deposit account, begin by checking along with your bank or bank to visualize what choices are on the market for you. Make certain you perceive the small print before gap a time deposit account, such as:

  • APY: What share yield are you able to expect to earn on your savings?
  • Term: For what length of your time does one get to commit your cash to the time deposit account? Some banks and credit unions supply time deposits and certificates with terms as short as seven days or as long as ten years.
  • Minimum deposit amounts: What quantity of cash can you like to deposit into the time deposit account to qualify for the APY?
  • Early withdrawal penalty: If you would like to tug your cash out of the time deposit account before the term is up, make certain you perceive any penalties or fees you will incur.
  • Interest combination: Verify however typically the interest compounds on your account and once interest is paid to the account. Common combination periods are daily or monthly.

Process of your Time Deposit Accounts

With a time deposit account, like a time deposit, you have got to conceive to departure your cash within the account for a particular amount of your time that is cited because of the term (another reason you will see time deposits cited as term deposits). The account pays interest on the number you deposit, and longer terms typically pay a better charge per unit, counting on market conditions and also the bank’s current offerings.

For example, some time deposits might need you to depart the money within the account for twelve months, two years, or more depending on the small print of the account. Go looking for the simplest time deposit rates to visualize that banks and credit unions can provide you with the simplest come on your investment, counting on what quantity of money you have got saved, however long you wish to commit the money, and what your overall money goals are.

Time Deposit Account vs. deposit Account

A time deposit account isn’t identical to a required savings account, like a checking or bank account. With checking and savings accounts, you have got the flexibleness to require cash out of the account “on-demand,” at any time you decide on. A market bank account is another sort of deposit account.

If you would like cash for everyday payments, get a bank account. If you would like quick access to short savings, place your cash in exceeding savings or market account. Any of those deposit accounts are often a decent selection for your short and everyday money wants.

Time deposit accounts are also a much better place to place your savings, particularly if you are doing not expect to want to access the money for a definite length of your time. Time deposit accounts like time deposits usually pay a better rate of interest than regular bank savings accounts, however, you have got to form certain that you just will leave your cash within the time deposit account till the term is up.