1. Understanding Market Share
  2. Benefits of Market Share
  3. Market Share Impact
  4. Ways companies Increase Market Share

Understanding Market Share

A company’s market share is its portion of total sales of the market or business within which it operates. To calculate a company’s market share, initial verify the amount you would like to look at. It is a business quarter, year, or multiple years.

Next, calculate the company’s total sales over that amount. Then, establish the full sales of the company’s business. Finally, divide the company’s total revenues by its industry’s total sales. for instance, if a corporation sold  $100 million in tractors last year domestically, and also the total quantity of tractors sold within the U.S. was $200 million, the company’s U.S. market share for tractors would be 500.

The calculation for market share is typically in dire straits in specific countries or regions, e.g. firms can report their North yank or Canadian market share. Investors will acquire market share information from varied freelance sources, like trade teams and restrictive bodies, and infrequently from the corporate itself. However, some industries are more durable to live with accuracy than others.

Benefits of Market Share

Investors and analysts monitor will increase and reduction in market share fastidiously as this may be an indication of the relative fight of the company’s product or services. Because the total marketplace for a product or service grows, a corporation that’s maintaining its market share is growing revenues at a constant rate because of the total market. A corporation that’s growing its market share is going to be growing its revenues quicker than its competitors.

Market share will increase will enable a corporation to attain a larger scale with its operations and improve profitability. A corporation will attempt to expand its share of the market, either by lowering costs, mistreatment advertising, or introducing a new or different product. Additionally, it may grow the dimensions of its market share by appealing to alternative audiences or demographics.

Market Share Impact

Changes in market share have a bigger impact on the performance of firms in mature or rotary industries wherever there’s low growth. In distinction, changes in market share have less impact on firms in growth industries. In these industries, the full pie is growing, therefore firms will still be growing sales despite losing market share. For firms during this state of affairs, the stock performance is additional laid low with sales growth and margins than alternative factors.

In rotary industries, competition for market share is brutal. Economic factors play a bigger role in the variance of sales, earnings, and margins, quite alternative factors. Margins tend to be low and operations run at most potency because of competition. Since sales come back at the expense of alternative firms, they invest heavily in promoting efforts or perhaps loss leaders to draw in sales.

In these industries, firms are also willing to lose cash on products briefly to force competitors to administer up or declare bankruptcy. Once they gain a larger market share and competitors’ are ousted, they commit to raising costs. This strategy will work, or it will backfire, in combination with their losses. However, this is often the rationale why several industries are dominated by several huge players, like discount wholesale retail with stores as well as Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Costco.

Ways companies Increase Market Share

New Technology

Innovation is one methodology by that a corporation might increase market share. once a firm brings to plug a brand new technology its competitors have nevertheless to supply, shoppers who want to possess the technology perish from that company, even though they antecedently did business with a contender. several of these shoppers become loyal customers, which adds to the corporate’s market share and reduces market share for the company from that they switched.

Customer Loyalty

By strengthening client relationships, firms defend their existing market share by preventing current customers from jumping ship once a contender rolls out a hot new provide. higher still, firms will grow market share mistreatment constant straightforward maneuver, as happy customers oft speak of their positive expertise to friends and relatives are then become new customers. Gaining market share via word of mouth will increase a company’s revenues while not concomitant will increase in promoting expenses.

Talented staff

Companies with the best market share in their industries virtually invariably have the foremost skilful and dedicated staff. Conveyance of the most effective staff on board reduces expenses associated with turnover and coaching and permits firms to devote additional resources to concentrate on their core competencies. Providing competitive salaries and edges is one proven thanks to attracting the most effective staff. However, staff within the twenty-first century conjointly get intangible edges like versatile schedules and casual work environments.


Lastly, one every of the surest ways to extend market share is to exploit a contender. By doing, therefore, a corporation accomplishes 2 things. It faucets into the fresh non-inheritable firm’s existing client base, and it reduces the number of corporations fighting for a slice of the constant pie by one. Shrewd executives, whether or not responsible for tiny businesses or massive firms, perpetually have their eye out for an honest acquisition deal once their firms are in a very growth model.