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  1. Various threats faced by Banks
  2. One should avoid password recycling
  3. Provide your details to well-known websites
  4. Surfing should be done securely
  5. Phishing scams should be avoided
  6. Conclusion

“In the next three years, the value of data will increase, making it even more valuable than it is today. The more efficiently you store your data, the more benefits your business will see.”
― Thomas Harrer

  1. Various threats faced by Banks

As each day pass the data becomes a more and more expensive thing in the market. It is clearly saying that the company with a huge amount of data today will have a great future ahead as data will bring more opportunities, customers and other fast-growing techniques present in almost all section of technology and financial market. Data is something that seriously considered to be stolen from all sectors that have it in major proportion as selling and buying of data is a common trend nowadays and almost every industry is investing their money and time to obtain it. One more thing that has become popular in today’s world which is none other than cybercrime that has become an increasing concern of problem for both individual as well as all big sectors noticed around us. The business world is in great position thus it is one of the major targeted by all these cyber theft groups. But it is not like we don’t have a method to protect the data and identity. There are several methods found by great experts to avoid such happening to take place but the implementation should be done from both authorized party as well as the supporting sectors this is because these cyber criminals need just a small gap to get inside the server and steal everything without leaving any kind of trace behind to trace them in the future and they remain behind a huge crowd and after accomplishing there wrong deeds again just become the part of the crowd. One of the common platforms that are easily used such people in the online portal that is in huge use in today’s scenario. In this case, Individual identity is steeled and then all his credential is illegal used to access all its financial and private funds without even his knowledge. Identity theft is used to misuse the user credit card and even bank account so there is a lot of damage made in simple words.

Ok let me ask you a simple question is you or anyone is known to you have experienced such digital identity theft in past if the answer is no then is it good and I hope you never should be but if the answer is yes then the damage one face after such theft can be easily understood by you.

There are some prevention methods mentioned that an individual should know to secure their data as well as their identity. And surely help you not to fall in the victim list in present as well in the future.

Let’s start at…

2. One should avoid password recycling:

The technique of the password recycling is the fist most thing cybercriminals gain access to as if one password is known to them then they cross-check that password with all the account an individual has in all the platform one is linked with. This way if some password may give them access to all your platform then surely let hard work is done by them and easily all the sustainable data is scanned or appropriate word can be stolen by them without even your knowledge. Not only financial data is stolen but all sorts of personnel data are even fetched so that could be sold to huge firms around the world that runs on such data itself. Now banks are considering this theft in a serious note that’s why multiple verifications are done to get the customer inside his/her account all kind of verification here means one-time password, fingerprint verification and all alerting that the account is accessed via important mail so that the conditions can be avoided as much as possible. So, if you use the same password for most of all online account you have then done the change as soon as possible. In the case you need a backup of your password then the safest way is to write it down and keep it safe with you. Saving it to the online platform is not a great idea. 

3. Provide your details to well-known websites:

Whenever we surf the internet then there are huge numbers of the website we visit for all kind of works. In most of the cases this website advice to create an account and then move with your work but never just close your eyes and fill that details everywhere you visit this should be carefully seen which platform is reputed and is a safe option that can be trusted to keep your data safe avoiding any kind of data. All some data should even not share at those websites also due to malware and unwanted disturbance. The data given to online websites are sometimes stolen and then reach in hands of hacker which is not a good point. Always remember to double-check and it is not a problem if you can just avoid giving data because prevention is better than cure.

4. Surfing should be done securely:

There are huge people among us that know what is secure surfing it is a technique through which while you surf the online sited running in the background with a lot of adds and stuff should not no our location and other relevant details. This secure surfing can be done using VPN which stand for a virtual private network that works by allowing the user to surf across the network using the [procedure of encryption measure and that is why the user can send the data anywhere without letting its IP address to be known. This is very much useful when public wi-fi network is considered where the hackers easily get their work done by knowing every information they need. There are huge options of VPN that can be purchased and used. All these have different price and feature so safeguard you in the internet world from all kind of hackers.  

5. Phishing scams should be avoided:

Phishing scams are also widely used by cybercriminals to get access to your personnel data easily without you even be known. This arises mainly in the forms of websites that have the structure same as some sort of authority websites to confuse the people between original and fake websites. The emails are other plans that mostly use to ask details from the customers regarding there credential and then just get all their fund and run away.


All the prevention techniques mentioned above if seriously fulfilled then could safe us various fraud and theft going around.

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