1. Summary

2. Life Insurance Policy is Important for Your Financial Security

3. Six Factors to Consider Before Buying a Life Insurance Policy 


The average penetration and viscosity of life insurance in India is a piddly 2.76%. There have been advancements in this arena but overall the growth has been rather slow in India. Not numerous people are apprehensive of the benefits of life insurance and the figures for penetration are an index of the same.  Accidents and mishaps are strong pointers of how fragile mortal life can be and how we need to systemically ensure our lives. It’s an important tool for furnishing an existent’s family with safety and security. It acts as a defensive cover to guard the insured’s dependents. In the event individualities don’t ensure their lives, their dependents end up facing the woeful loss of their loved one along with a whole host of arrears similar to rent, loans, EMI, and child services. 

Life Insurance Policy is Important for Your Financial Security

The significance of life insurance in your life can not be exaggerated. It helps you and your family get financially secure. There are numerous benefits of life insurance other than furnishing fiscal protection. It can help you in achieving different pretensions throughout your life as well.  Then are some reasons that depict the significance of life insurance. 

1. Cover for Critical Illness Situations 

The costs associated with healthcare are skyrocketing. However, respiratory issues, etc, also it’s sure to dig a huge hole in your pockets If the complaint is critical like a heart attack. These conditions also take a lot of time to recoup and bear proper rest. therefore, during this time, you won’t be suitable to earn as well.  Life Insurance programs similar to Canara HSBC Life Insurance term plan iSelect Star, cover critical/ terminal insurance in all their plan options. therefore, you’re given money the moment you’re diagnosed. 

2. Achieve Child pretensions Safely 

It’s a given that as a parent, you would want the stylish for your child. You can align your life insurance policy so that you can help fulfill your child’s pretensions of advanced education or marriage. But these pretensions bear a lot of money.

There are specific life insurance plans made to achieve these pretensions known as Child Plans. These not only include life cover but allow you to invest and make your corpus.  Canara HSBC Life Insurance Child Plans similar to Smart Junior Plan as well as Invest 4G has a lot of strategies with which you can achieve your thing.

Also, these come with a Premium Funding Benefit option that waives off the remaining decorations if you die during the policy. The policy is continued.

3. Enjoy a Safer Retirement 

Retirement is one of the biggest mileposts you look forward to throughout your working life. After withdrawal, you’ll no longer have your income by your side. therefore, it becomes important to accumulate enough finances so that you no longer have to worry post you retire.

Also, ULIPs similar to Invest 4G have a methodical pullout point that helps you admit a regular sum of money for your charges after withdrawal.

Six Factors to Consider Before Buying a Life Insurance Policy 

Then’s a list of the factors that you should consider before you decide to buy a life insurance policy. 

1. Sum Assured The first and foremost thing to look at is the amount you’ll be covered through your insurance. You’re needed to choose the sum assured before the inception of the policy.  Assess all the future needs and charges of your family members before deciding on an amount.

2. Duration of the Policy This is the time for which your policy will be active. Life insurance programs come with different terms. They can range from 10 times to indeed covering for you till the age of 100.  The longer the policy the lower can be your decoration. 

3. fresh Benefits of the Life Insurance Policy Be sure to take note of the benefits involved in the policy. These can be lagniappes, riders, etc. Riders enhance the compass of the policy. Make sure that your policy contains these benefits before buying. 

4. Inflexibility The life insurance policy should be flexible. These can be in the form of furnishing multiple payment options, freedom to choose the mode and duration of payments, etc. The more flexible a policy is the more it’s easy for you to customize according to your own.

 5. Terms and Conditions Make sure you do read the terms and conditions part associated with the policy completely. There can be certain effects that you might not be apprehensive of or the agent didn’t communicate to you. 

6. Claim agreement Last but not least is to consider the claim agreement process of the insurer. Go through the process so that you know the way involved to get the claim. Also, check the claim agreement rate of the company.