1. Summary
  2. The Rationale behind Credit Cards
  3. Intermediaries to a credit card dealing
  4. Associations


In the past few decades, banks have started providing a replacement sort of product known as a credit card. The credit card may be a revolving line of credit that is obtainable to customers. Customers will use the cardboard to borrow cash to form purchases. they’re then offered a credit-free amount. If they’re able to pay back the bank inside the credit-free amount, no interest is charged. However, if the purchasers exceed the credit-free amount, an interest fee is charged. Since these loans are extremely risky and unsecured, banks charge a high rate of interest on the balances outstanding on these cards.

In a short amount of your time, credit cards have come back to dominate the fashionable banking landscape. they’re these days one in all the foremost common merchandise offered by banks. a median Yankee has anyplace between ten to thirteen credit cards. Also, the thought of credit cards is quickly spreading to developing countries. Hereby, we will perceive the explanation why credit cards became thus common in addition as list down the parties that are concerned during a dealing.

The Rationale behind Credit Cards

For a dealing to be processed with success on the credit card, a minimum of four to five parties got to be concerned. every one of those parties charges a fee to produce a service. As a result, transactions conducted on credit cards are on average two to three dearer than an equivalent transaction being conducted in money. this extra expense needs to be borne by someone. Typically, this expense is borne by the merchandiser. Therefore, by accepting credit cards, the merchandiser is virtually reducing his profits by two to three proportion points.

This raises the question of why would any merchandiser need to just accept payment via a chic credit card network as against acceptive money. the solution lies in human behaviour. folks that pay on credit cards tend to pay quite folks that pay. Therefore, by accepting credit cards stores find themselves increasing their sales considerably. Hence, though a definite quantity of fees is charged, they are doing not mind paying the extra fee.

The consumer so gets free credit, the bank gets a fee, and also the merchandiser gets magnified sales making a win-win-win state of affairs. This has created credit cards the darling of bankers and also the growth engine for the matured and stable industry.

Any credit card dealing involves multiple parties. aside from the cardholder and also the vendor i.e. the merchandiser, a minimum of four different types of parties are concerned within the method. Their roles are listed below.

Intermediaries to a credit card Transaction

Merchant Bank: A depository financial institution is a bank with that the vendor i.e. the merchandiser has an account. This bank is additionally called the receiving bank since it receives the payment at the top of the settlement method. Also, it’s called the deed bank. this is often a result of merchandiser banks got to go and build sales to the merchants. they need to win over the merchandiser to put in some extent of sale device at their search and begin acceptive credit card payments.

Issuing Bank: The provision bank is the bank that’s concerned within the dealing from the customer’s facet. this is often the bank that’s providing the credit for the dealing. Also, this is often the bank that keeps a record of the customer’s transactions, bills them, and receives cash from the client. This bank maintains details of the customer’s account and authorizes payments providing credit is out there within the customer’s revolving credit. Also, this bank is responsible for grouping payments from customers alongside any interest if due.

Networks: Any credit card dealing needs transmission of many messages amongst many parties during a matter of seconds. initial an inquiry has to be sent to the provided bank, then the authorization has to be received from the bank, additionally, merchants have to be compelled to send their daily sales for settlement within the variety of a batch at the top of the day.

This consistent process needs high finish technological networks to be in situ. Hence, there are network firms that are concerned within the credit card business. These firms primarily lend their infrastructure whenever a dealing is created and charge a fee for doing this.

Associations: Lastly, there are Visa, Credit card, Yankee categorical and find out. These associations have completely different banks as their members. They facilitate the payments between the member banks. Thus, these networks facilitate the provision bank and also the deed bank to settle their records. These 2 banks then got to modify customers and merchants on their own severally. The credit card mechanism may be a technological marvel. It provides instant credit to its users and provides the convenience to trace their disbursal patterns with no effort. However, credit cards have landed into the vital difference of opinion owing to the exorbitant interest rates that are charged on outstanding balances in addition because of the powerful measures that are taken to gather dues from customers.