1. Introduction
  2. Meaning
  3. Purpose of IBAN
  4. The role of IBAN in international Money transfers
  5. Usage of IBAN in India
  6. Conclusion


That the banking sector is evolving at a revolutionary speed is not any hidden secret. Gone are the times of standing in long queues simply to deposit or withdraw cash. Today, you’ll be able to create intra-bank transfers in seconds, and inter-bank transfers in minutes. What’s additional, you’ll be able to even send cash to your white-haired ones in several corners of the globe through online remission facilities. For such quiet transfers, you wish to produce sure details together with bank and beneficiary details. One such vital detail you wish to produce is thought because of the IBAN range. allow us to verify what it’s and its role in international cash transfers.


An IBAN, or International checking account range, maybe a commonplace system accustomed determine bank accounts across national borders. it had been introduced to facilitate cross-border electronic bank payments. The IBAN range has the most strength of thirty-four characters, and customarily consists of the subsequent components or components:

  • A two-letter country code of the country wherever the bank is found
  • Two check digits
  • Bank code or ID (4 characters)
  • Basic checking account range (BBAN)

Purpose of IBAN

While creating a cash transfer it’s vital that you just get your IBAN range right. Say you’re creating a cash transfer to a global account; however, you get the IBAN wrong. In such a case, the money is also routed to an incorrect location otherwise you are also fined or charged for invalid group action. Finding your IBAN is straightforward, you’ll be able to do it therefore by working into your web banking or online banking portal or rummaging around for it in your statement. There are some online tools that you just will use to get your IBAN. Also, you’ll be able to try to calculate the IBAN yourself. however, ensure you crosscheck it together with your bank to avoid any errors.

  • An International checking account range (IBAN) may be a code utilized in international cash transfers.
  • IBAN range consists of details like country code, bank code, and account range and includes most of thirty-four characters.
  • IBAN identifies the individual checking account to that the transfer is to be created.
  • It is comparable to the IFSC code used for domestic cash transfers in India.
  • IBAN doubles as a novel code that identifies every bank branch across the country.

The role of IBAN in international Money transfers

Having explained what, the IBAN range suggests, allows us to decrypt why it’s vital in international cash transfers. IBAN is an internationally recognized code that helps avoid routing errors in international cash transfers. The payment will be created in an exceedingly reliable manner because the IBAN will validate the beneficiary account range. All the small print required to spot the account to that payment has got to be created gift within the IBAN. as an example, if A is attempting to form a remote transfer to B, he will transfer cash exploitation IBAN range that includes info like his country code, bank code, and account range, among alternative things. This way, A will properly determine B’s distinctive checking account and send cash into the correct account.

Not all countries have adopted IBAN for or her international payments systems. whereas several countries in Europe use IBANs for overseas financial transfers, India has not adopted the system nevertheless. The length of IBANs varies from country to country, subject to the most length of thirty-four characters. Banks in many countries use different ways for international cash transfers.

Usage of IBAN in India

In India, we tend to use IFSC (Indian financial set-up Code) for domestic cash transfers. IFSC code may be a distinctive symbol for bank branches across the country. once creating online cash transfers via RTGS, NEFT, or IMPS, you wish the IFSC code of the bank wherever the payees or beneficiaries have their account. you’d sometimes notice the IFSC code written on the chequebook that your bank problems to you at the time of account gap or once requested.

For international cash transfers, we tend to use a bank symbol code known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Monetary Telecommunication) code. As explicitly earlier, the SWIFT code helps determine the bank to wherever the receiver has an account.


While IBAN should still not be introduced in India, it’s safe to mention that you just will have nice use for it if your family is unfold across completely different components of the world. So, if you’re NRI residing within the UK, and say your kids are finding out in Deutschland or France, you’ll like the IBANs to form any cash transfers to their accounts in those countries. With IBAN, you’ll be able to remit cash in an exceedingly additional convenient and hassle-free manner.