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1.1 Main functions of RBI


2.1 Role of SEBI

2.2 Functions of SEBI


3.1 Role of NABARD


Reserve Bank of India is the Bharat financial organization of India. It was established on Gregorian calendar month 1935 by the run Act 1934. Key functions of RBI is square measure, banker’s bank, the shielded of the foreign reserve, controller of credit and to manage printing and provide of currency notes within the country

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is that the financial organization of the country. the run could be a statutory body. It’s chargeable for the printing of currency notes and managing the provision of cash within the Indian economy.

Main functions of RBI

  • Issue of Notes: The banking company contains a monopoly for printing currency notes within the country. It’s the only real right to issue currency notes of assorted denominations except one rupee note
  • Banker to the Government: The second necessary performance of the banking company is to act because of the Banker, Agent, and consultant to the govt. of Asian countries and states. It performs all the banking functions of the State and Central Government and it conjointly tenders helpful recommendation to the govt. on matters associated with economic and financial policy.
  • Banker’s Bank: The banking company performs similar functions for alternative business banks because the other banks normally perform for his or her customers.
  • Controller of the Credit: When run observes that the economy has comfortable offer Associate in Nursing it’s going to cause an inflationary scenario within the country then it squeezes the cash supply through its tight financial policy and contrariwise.
  • Custodian of Foreign Reserves:-For the aim of keeping the interchange rates stable, the banking company buys and sells foreign currencies and conjointly protects the country’s interchange funds.


The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) could be a statutory regulative body entrusted with the responsibility to control the Indian capital markets. It monitors and regulates the stock market and protects the interests of the investors by implementing sure rules and laws

Role of SEBI

SEBI acts as a watchdog for all the capital market participants Associate in Nursing its main purpose is to supply such a setting for the monetary market enthusiasts that facilitate economical and sleek operating of the stock market.

To make this happen, it ensures that the 3 main participants of the monetary market square measure taken care of, i.e. issuers of securities, investors, and monetary intermediaries.

  • Issuers of securities: These square measure entities within the company field that raise funds from varied sources within the market. SEBI makes positive that they get a healthy and clear setting for his or her desires.
  • Investor: Investors square measure those UN agencies that keep the markets active. SEBI is chargeable for maintaining an Associate in a Nursing setting that’s free from malpractices to revive the arrogance of general public UN agency invests their hard-earned cash within the markets.
  • Financial Intermediaries: These square measure those who act as middlemen between the issuers and investors. They create the monetary transactions sleek and safe.

Functions of SEBI:

SEBI primarily has 3 functions

  • Protective Functions: because the name suggests, these functions square measure performed by SEBI to shield the interest of investors and alternative monetary participants.
  • Regulatory Functions: These functions square measure essentially performed to stay a check on the functioning of the business within the monetary markets.
  • Development Functions: SEBI performs sure development functions conjointly that embody however they’re not restricted to
  • Imparting coaching to intermediaries
  • Promotion of truthful mercantilism and reduction of malpractices
  • Carry out analysis work
  • Encouraging self-acting organizations
  • Buy-sell mutual funds directly from AMC through a broker


NABARD functions to market property rural development for attaining prosperity of rural areas in the Asian country. It’s essentially involved with “matters regarding policy, yet as coming up with and operations within the field of credit for agriculture and alternative economic activities in rural areas in India”.

Role of NABARD

  • It is an Associate in nursing apex establishment that has the power to upset all matters regarding policy, coming up with yet as operations in giving credit for agriculture and alternative economic activities within the rural areas.
  • It could be a refinancing agency for those establishments that give investment and production credit for promoting the many biological process programs for rural development.
  • It is raising the absorb capability of the credit delivery system in Asian countries, together with observation, formulation of rehabilitation schemes, restructuring of credit establishments, and coaching of personnel.
  • It co-ordinates the agricultural credit funding activities of all varieties of establishments engaged in biological process work on the sphere level whereas maintaining liaison with Government of the Asian country, and State Governments, and conjointly run alternative national level establishments that square measure involved with policy formulation.
  • It prepares rural credit plans, annually, for all districts within the country.
  • It conjointly promotes analysis in rural banking, and also the field of agriculture and rural development.

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