1. Occasional
  2. High-Grade ore
  3. Polyester Yarn
  4. Sale of Surplus Power
  5. Guidelines for the present Plastic process Units
  6. Non-ITA-I things which will be sold in India
  7. Textiles
  8. Tea
  9. Segregation Activities
  10. Spices


 Export of foreign occasional shall be subject to approval from Coffee Board beneath relevant Act.

High-Grade ore

 Proposals for export of high grade i.e. sixty-fourth ore and on top of, except ore of province origin and Redi origin are presently canalized through MMTC and its exports would be subject to the approval of the Board of Approval.

Polyester Yarn

  • No work with EOU/SEZ/DTA unit shall be permissible. However, this shall not apply to who shall send the material (made out of Polyester (or) texturized Yarn inside the unit) for work to EOU/SEZ/DTA unit for coloring of the material.
  • None of the units creating polyester Yarn – existing or new – shall be permissible to export through a third party and that they need to export directly. These restrictions shall not apply to units within the same SEZ.

Sale of Surplus Power

The following procedure is needed to be followed for the sale of surplus power by EOU/SEZ units: —

  • Whenever the event Commissioner receives a proposal purchasable of surplus power, it might be examined in consultation with the authorities together with State Electricity Board. This shall, however, not apply to the sale of power inside the SEZ. the event Commissioner can report the norms of raw materials and consumables needed for the generation of a unit of power for thought and approval by the Board of Approval.
  • No duty shall be needed to be paid on the sale of surplus power from AN EOU/SEZ unit to a different EOU/SEZ unit. Development Commissioner of SEZ involved would learn in writing of such provision and correct account of the consumption of stuff would be maintained by the supply unit. the worth of foreign inputs and consumables shall be taken into consideration for NFE calculations of the supply unit.
  • The unit can acquire the permission of the Assistant Commissioner of Customs/Central Excise purchasable of surplus power within the DTA when getting permission from the SEZs beneath the relevant statute. Duty on sale of power to the DTA shall be as per the notification of the Department of Revenue during this regard. (iv) care shall be taken by the event Commissioner/Board of Approval whereas approving the ability plants by EOU/SEZ units vis-à-vis their actual demand.

Guidelines for the present Plastic process Units

The following are pointers for the present plastic units beneath the EOU scheme:

  • Extension of LOP of the present units beneath EOU Scheme could also be granted supported by the terms & conditions of earlier LOP.
  • No improvement of the assembly capability is allowed to units that are utilizing plastic waste/scrap.
  • Relocation of the present units from one Zone to a different is going to be approved on a case-to-case basis.
  • EOU units be exempted from the reach of Public Notice No. 392 dated one.1.1997 concerning restrictions on physical forms & sizes and examination would be done by Zone. but for any provide into DTA, all conditions of public notice can apply.

Non-ITA-I things which will be sold in India

Following non-ITA-I things could also be sold within the DTA in terms of para 6.9(g) of Chapter six and Para 7.8 (c) (vii) of Chapter seven of the Foreign Trade Policy:

  • Colour show Tubes (CDT) for monitors
  • Deflection parts for colour Monitors


Activities bearing on reprocessing of garments/used clothing/ secondary textile materials/clipping/rags/industrial wipers/shoddy wool/yarn/blankets/shawls and different reusable textile materials won’t be allowed beneath EOU/SEZ Scheme.


Just in the case of Tea, a minimum price addition of fifty is to be achieved.

Segregation Activities

Segregation Activities don’t seem to be lined beneath the definition of ‚manufacture‛ with impact from 1.4.2002. This activity can, however, be allowed to continue in respect of units established before 1.4.2002 for an amount of five years from the date of commencement of economic production. the required inputs would even be allowed with exemption advantages as per the present Policy. However, the power of DTA sales beneath para 6.8 or 6.9 of Foreign Trade policy shall not be allowed.

Spices (Classifications of Export & Import things, 2004-09) Duty-free imports of spices for export shall be permissible just for price addition functions like crushing/grounding/ sterilization or for the manufacture of oils and oleo-resins and not for easy cleanup, grading, re-packing, etc. A minimum price addition of V-day is needed to be achieved.