1. Summary
  2. Prepare a Pitch Deck
  3. Narrate Your Story
  4. Team
  5. Competition / Industry Updates
  6. Market Size
  7. Prepare a Financial Model
  8. Know Your Investor


Pitching your plan to investors is difficult and you will not recognize it once it will get awry. Months of exertions and toil will go down the drain if you’re not ready well for the fundraising method. HQ recently raised no-hit funding from one of the foremost premium investors within the country and as a matter of truth, we’ve got quite an expertise in pitching investors within the last year.

Here could be a little bit of my expertise that I believe can add worth and facilitate you’re generate valuable partnership whereas you opt for your 1st capitalist meeting:

Prepare a Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck ought to flatly state the key aspects of your business and products. Everyone likes a document to travel through whereas you speak. A document nicely conferred shows the exertions and offers the impression that you simply are well ready for the meeting. The primary 3 slides should be brightly done to catch the eye of your potential investors. You will conjointly embody some visual graphics and pictures. Besides that, it conjointly ensures if either facet misses some extent within the discussion, it’s there on the deck.

Narrate Your Story

When you pitch your plan to investors, you’ll narrate a story. Humans love stories, they inspire them. A good story can instantly connect you with potential investors and level up your game. Once you narrate your story of however and why you started, it shows your passion. It shows whether or not you’re willing to travel through thick and skinny of it. Startups can have a lot of lows than highs within the initial stage and you wish to indicate your passion and commitment toward your product.


Investors are usually not fitting cash just for your plan however they conjointly place cash on people that can execute the thought. Bring up your completely different team members and their core competencies, however, they type a MECE (mutually exclusive conjointly exhaustive), their previous work expertise, data regarding the trade, etc. The pedigree and also the bond each are equally vital.

Competition / Industry Updates

Every business has competition, notwithstanding how distinctive your services are. To crack a deal, before your 1st capitalist meeting, prepare a listing of your competition and showcase how you’re completely different from them. Also, prepare a roadmap protrusive however you aim at handling the competition.

Market Size

Valuations are inflated you’re a corporation burning cash without delay altogether probability (if you incorporate your salary). So that they are an investment in you capturing a large market and truly justifying the slight premium in valuation they could be paying without delay. They have to visualize a decent, massive face of your business model.

Prepare a Financial Model

Expect a 10-minute discussion on this. Your capitalist is caning to place cash on the condition that you show them however your business plan will fetch those cash. You want to prepare a forecast quarterly monetary model over consecutive one, 3, and 5 years before your capitalist meeting. You ought to conjointly sketch out a monthly plan for the primary eighteen months to supply a transparent image of your finance to your capitalist.

Explain your money-making ways clearly to your potential investors. You want to critically scrutinize your revenue model and will have a back set up. Being riotous isn’t enough, you want to show the capitalist that fitting funds in your business model can facilitate him.

Know Your Investor

Do your prep before you opt for any capitalist meeting? Do a radical analysis before you pitch your plan to investors and perceive his background. Recognize their vogue, corporations they need to be endowed in, their most no-hit bet, and also the biggest failure. You want to recognize what makes them tick.

For this, you will conjointly, browse your contact list and realize relevant connections. Get to grasp a lot of regarding the capitalist through connections. You’ll conjointly participate in events wherever you connect and realize networks. As an example, an incident like AMA with SAIF Partners or Founder’s Meet helps you discover prospective connections and gel in with the cream.

All-in-all, be honest together with your prospective investors. They appear for integrity within the individuals they’re backing up. it’s advisable to try to tod do} this prep before you opt for a capitalist meeting to grant yourself a decent probability of raising funds from investors.