1. The Big Four
  2. Services Provided by Big four Advisory Firms

The Big Four

The “Big Four” is that the nickname won’t to seek advice from the four largest accounting companies within u.  s., as measured by revenue. They’re Deloitte, Max Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG). apart from auditing services, the large Four supply tax, strategy and service industry, valuation, marketing research, assurance, and legal advisory services.

Recently, they began to supply digital transformation consulting to serve the requirements of the digital age. They’re the leading supplier of law interpretation and specialists on changes in accounting and auditing standards.

Services Provided by Big four Advisory Firms

The Big four Advisory companies offer 5 core services:


An audit may be a method by that a shopper company’s money statements are scrutinized to work out if the statements are is correct and honest. It’s conducted by a team of accountants utilized by the involved firm.

The audit is one of the foremost necessary and unremarkably used services provided by the large four advisory companies, as all public firms are needed to furnish audited money statements to produce correct info to investors and shareholders. What is more, before a bank lends an outsized quantity of cash to any company, it desires the company’s audited money statements to confirm the security of the cash Lententide.

The audit team carries out the subsequent activities to work out the accuracy of a company’s money statements:

Review of supporting documents

  • Review of journal entries that represent the financials
  • Understand however necessary money transactions are bestowed within the statements through enlightened discussion with the shopper company’s workers

After the aforesaid steps are completed with due diligence, the accounting team problems “opinion on financials.” The opinion on money states confidence that the audit team has within the fairness and accuracy of the shopper company’s financial statements.

The opinion on financials is very important info for the shopper company’s house owners, lenders, and investors as a result of high confidence mean the company’s financials have received the approval of the business firm and, thus, are thought-about legitimate.

Advisory/Consulting Services

Advisory/Consulting Services refers to the act of providing a 3rd party with skilled information for a fee. The consulting services provided by the large four include:

  • Increasing the potency of an organization through analysis of its processes
  • Risk management, i.e., deciding the money threats Janus faced by the corporate and suggesting applicable mitigation strategies/solutions
  • Creation of monetary news programs that leverage the newest technology for the corporate
  • Creation of accounting programs that leverage the newest technology for the corporate
  • It’s necessary to notice that, in the US, a giant four advisory firm providing consulting services to an organization cannot offer auditing services to an identical company. This is often to confirm that the auditor has no money interest within the company, and thus, can turn out correct and unbiased audit reports.

Tax-Related Services

Tax-Related Services refers to the services provided by the large four Advisory companies to assist their purchasers with success navigate native and national tax laws. The foremost fashionable tax service provided by the large four is the creation of minimization methods – serving the shopper to structure their transactions in an exceedingly manner that makes an advantage for the corporate (such as refunds, deductions, etc.) or that minimizes tax obligations.

The tax team additionally helps the shopper company with international tax filing and regulative filings. It additionally collaborates with the audit team, as a result of the money statements of an organization embracing an outsized quantity of data concerning the company’s tax filings. Together, the 2 groups assess the accuracy of the tax-related info disclosed by the corporate in its money statements.


Transactions/deals seek advice from the act of polishing off and/or facilitating mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, leveraged buyouts, divestment, etc. the large four companies offer the subsequent group action services:

  • Assessing the accounting implications of group action for the shopper
  • Assessing and advising on the tax implications of group action for the shopper
  • Performing due diligence on the acquisition target or the section of the corporate being divested to confirm that the corporate is obtaining a good deal
  • Building valuation models for the corporate by victimization applicable money info
  • Consulting with the shopper before, during, and when the deal has been disbursed to confirm that the corporate adjusts expeditiously to the changes in its capital

Fraud investigation

The fraud investigation team travels extensively (both domestically and internationally) to assist an organization finds fraud and/or larceny. The fraud investigation team uses psychological ways, the newest technology, and up-to-date money and accounting analysis to uncover fraud.