1. Summary
  2. Types of Home Loans in India
  3. Benefits of Taking a home loan


Home is an integral facet of emotional fulfillment and shelter. people must own an area they will decide on their own. and residential Loan plays a significant role in today’s age once one steps into shopping for their home. even though everybody has different choices for a home loan, understanding the rationale to decide on the proper one can comprehensively assist you in owning your dream home. shopping for a home is one of the most important dreams that return true for many individuals are extravagant affair altogether. impartation life to such a dream needs plenty of effort from the buyers’ finish and therefore the best one will do to accommodate the house in their budget is thru a home equity loan. A home equity loan will be opted to shop for a brand-new house/flat or a plot of land wherever you construct the house, and even for renovation, extension, are repairs to an existing house.

Types of Home Loans in India

Home Loan

This is the foremost common kind of home equity loan availed to buy a house. There are several housing finance corporations, public banks, and personal banks that provide housing loans wherever you borrow cash to buy the house of your alternative and repay the loan in monthly installments.  You can get on my feet to 80%-90% of the house’s value within the type of finance. The loaner can hold the house till you utterly repay the loan.

Home Construction Loan

This is the proper home equity loan sort if you have already got a plot of land and you wish finance to construct a house on this land.

Home Extension Loan

Say you already own a house and you’d wish to extend the house with another area or another floor to accommodate the growing family. A home extension loan provides finance for this purpose.

Home Improvement Loan

A home improvement loan provides finance for renovating or repairing the house if there’s any fault within the existing system, like painting the house’s interior or exterior, plumbing, upgrading the electrical system, waterproofing the ceiling, and more.

Home Loan Balance Transfer

The current home equity loan rate could also be overwhelming, otherwise, you might not be proud of your current loaner’s service; you’ll transfer the house loan’s outstanding balance to a unique lender UN agency offers a lower rate and higher service. Upon transfer, you’ll even inspect the chances of an indefinite quantity loan on your existing one.

Composite home loan

This type of home loan provides finance for buying the plot of land wherever you’d wish to construct a house and for the development, each inside one loan.

Benefits of Taking a home loan

Tax advantages

The foremost advantage of a home equity loan is the tax deduction you’ll claim on the interest and principal repayments. you’ll claim up to Rs.1.5 Lakhs on principal repayments u/s 80C, up to Rs.2 lakhs on interest repayments u/s 24B, up to Rs.2 lakhs on interest compensation in special circumstances u/s 80EE and 80EEA, and up to Rs.1.5 lakhs on tax expenses u/s 80C.

Lower rate

The home loan rate is way lower as compared to the other loan sorts offered. If you stumble upon a money crunch, you will get an indefinite quantity on the present home equity loan at a lower rate than a private loan to unravel the problem.

Due diligence of property

When you bear a bank to buy a house, the bank can conduct thorough checks on the property from the legal perspective and check if all the documents made are valid. This due diligence check from the bank’s finish can scale back the danger of you being scammed. If the bank approves the property, meaning you and your house are safe.

Long repayment tenure

Unlike the other loans, home loans with longer compensation tenure, the maximum amount is 25-30 years. this is often a result of the many loan quantities one can get to borrow to buy a house. Spreading the loan quantity and interest applicable over an extended tenure can scale back the monthly EMIs reducing the borrower’s burden.

No prepayment penalty

When you take a floating-rate home loan, you’ll build defrayals towards the loan whenever you’ve got payment at hand while not having to pay any prepayment penalty. this can assist you to shut the house loan abundant before the set loan tenure.

Balance transfer facility

You can transfer the house loan from one loaner to a different one for many reasons, like the rate, service charges, client service expertise, and others.