1. Summary
  2. Electronic Trading in 2022- 2023
  3. Open a brokerage account  
  4. Perform trading 
  5. The Technology Behind  


Financial securities are traded moreover on an exchange or over the counter (OTC). An exchange is a centralized, regulated request where securities are listed and traded in a standardized and intimately transparent manner. Big companies generally choose exchanges to trade their securities. Some companies cannot or do not want to list their financial products on exchanges. They trade over the counter through decentralized dealer networks known as electronic communication networks (ECN). These are fully motorized networks more approximately regulated than exchanges. There are several financial instruments offered on different trading platforms. Some of them are specialized for trading equities only, or different kinds of derivations (options, forwards, futures) and foreign currencies. Banks request bonds through broker-dealer networks. In the last decade as technology is advancing, cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular. There are indeed trading platforms specialized for trading crypto dyads, similar to CryptoCortex. It serves the requirements of both buy-side and vend-side guests taking part in electronic trading.  

Electronic Trading in 2022- 2023

  • The most common process of starting and performing electronic trading would include the following way If we tried to simplify effects a bit. Choose an online broker
  •  To get access to exchanges, you need to open a brokerage account with one of the numerous enterprises called broker-dealers which are principally entry points to the stock request. Since different brokers offer different kinds of services at different prices, you should consider these aspects when choosing a broker. 
  • The amount of money you plan to invest- besides general rules regarding the minimal amount investors must retain, some brokers have fresh programs;
  • The frequency of your trades- depending on this you should choose either a broker that charges a lower figure per trade or a Dollar that does not charge a figure for account inactivity;  

The trading experience you have if you are an educated dealer, you will not need important backing from the broker’s side, but if you are new to trading, you might profit from brokers that offer some guidance, 

  • Request analysis, or certified broker’s advice; 
  • Financial instruments you plan to trade with- some online brokers deal only with companies’ stocks, while others offer options, futures, bonds, or cryptocurrencies.  

Open a brokerage account  

Anyhow of what kind of broker you’ve chosen, these are some of the introductory tasks each broker performs  

  • Assessing if you meet all the entry criteria to open an account (age, amount of money you retain, etc.),  
    • Giving access to trading platforms,  
    • Maintaining the record of the stocks you enjoy,  
    • Overseeing your trading conditioning,  
    • Furnishing stock quotations.  

Perform trading 

Now that you’ve got access to the request through your account, you can check stock quotations to follow the changes in prices. Grounded on the current situation, you will decide to buy or vend shares. This is what happens coming. After you make an order to buy shares in a certain company, your broker-dealer transfers the order to the stock exchange at which the company whose stocks you want to buy trades. The exchange also tries to match your steal order with a sell order from someone else. However, your trade can be executed, If there’s a match. However, your order will be kept at the exchange until the match appears, If not. When the trade is complete, your broker-dealer is informed and your account is streamlined- money is withdrawn and new stocks are added to your portfolio. piecemeal from your broker-dealer who keeps a record of your stocks, there’s a central depository, called the Depository Trust Company (DTC) in the USA, which holds information about the power of all stocks at the request. So, this central reality is also informed about your trade and it’s in charge of changing the power from dealer to buyer.  

The Technology Behind  

The procedure described above seems relatively straightforward. still, an extremely complex system delicate to comprehend supports it and makes the whole process possible. However, with tablets, and mobile phones, we know that utmost trading platforms are also available on different biases similar to computers. Or, for illustration, colorful tools similar to customer Connectivity mecca or Direct Market Access have to be enforced to establish FIX protocol used to transfer trade-related dispatches in electronic trading. Numerous other factors comprise a trading platform ecosystem making it veritably complex, but at the same time easy and helpful for all those involved in electronic trading.