1. NEFT
  2. History
  3. Features of NEFT
  4. To make NEFT transfer
  5. Benefits of NEFT


The National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) is an electronic payment system that facilitates direct matched payments across the country. exploitation this facility, you’ll electronically transfer funds from bank branch to any person having an account with the other bank branch within the country that’s a region of the NEFT theme. you’ll conjointly build NEFT transfers exploitation digital modes of web banking and mobile banking


National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) was launched in 2005 and could be a nationwide system that’s want to facilitate electronic payments from one checking account to a different one. Individual customers, tiny corporations, and huge company firms will all use NEFT to their advantage. this can be as a result of this payment mode offers a collection of options that build it ideal for giant and tiny transactions alike. this text explores the characteristics of NEFT and the way it will still facilitate customers, despite the dawn of quicker payment solutions in Bharat.

Features of NEFT

NEFT offers a spread of options that facilitate it stands out as a convenient and hassle-free type of payment. a number of these options embrace the following:

Saves time and energy

With NEFT payments, all a sender should do is log into their internet banking account and choose the proper beneficiary. He/she should enter the proper quantity to be transferred then verify the dealings. that’s all it takes. The sender or the remitter doesn’t get to send a requirement draft or cheque of any kind to the beneficiary. the method of transferring funds via NEFT is kind of easy and economical.

Payments occur electronically

With a lot of and a lot of services out there online, why ought the monetary sector be left behind? NEFT payments are primarily a method of transferring funds electronically. These transfers are often initiated online through internet banking services at the convenience of the user. in addition, NEFT transfers may be created through ATMs, creating this type of payment financially inclusive for voters who might not have a checking account, internet banking, or an operating web affiliation. As NEFT payments occur online, customers don’t have to be compelled to pay time filling out paper forms, standing in long lines at the bank, submitting them to the proper branch, and so on. The beneficiary conjointly doesn’t need work. The operating checking account in conjunction with the relevant details submitted online are typically enough to attest any payments, provided OTPs or PINs are entered at the time of conducting the dealings.

Payments occur over a secure mode

Another nice feature of NEFT is that payments occur over a secure mode. Banks typically place multiple authentication steps to verify the sender’s identity, which ensures that problems with thieving and fraud aren’t applicable. NEFT is managed by the bank of Bharat, that more adds to the general security of this mode

Transaction fee

There will be no dealings fees for NEFT transactions. As a method to market digital transactions, the tally has scrapped dealings fees for all NEFT transactions, regardless of your bank. Furthermore, as you’ll see, RTGS has higher minimum dealings amounts (with an all-time low being Rs two, 00,000) whereas NEFT features a minimum dealings quantity of Re one. This makes NEFT a lot appropriate for the typical client and even some businesses.

NEFT in operation hours

Consumers wanting to initiate NEFT transactions should do thus during banking hours. Sometimes, these will vary from branch to branch. As a general rule, NEFT transactions occur between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays, and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. NEFT transactions are subject to any public vacation which will render banks closed.

This feature, although in line with its time, has currently been established to be a touch of an obstacle. NEFT doesn’t very work still for contemporary customers wanting to conduct daily payments online. this can be as a result of such transactions being expedited through instant payment platforms, creating them way more convenient as vendors will forthwith verify if payments are created.

To make NEFT transfer

  • Step 1: go surfing to the net banking page of your bank.
  • Step 2: within the home screen, opt for the ‘Fund Transfer’ possibility.
  • Step 3: Opt for the ‘NEFT’ possibility on the funds’ transfer page.
  • Step 4: Opt for the beneficiary from the list to send cash.
  • Step 5: If you would like to feature a brand new beneficiary, click on the ‘Add Beneficiary’ button on the page. Enter details like an account variety, name, IFSC, bank branch, and sort of account.
  • Step 6: Verify the entered details and make sure.
  • Step 7: Enter the 4-digit OTP you receive on the registered mobile variety to verify the beneficiary addition.
  • Step 8: when the prescribed time, the beneficiary accessorial is going to be prepared for fund transfer.
  • Step 9: Opt for the beneficiary, choose the checking account from that funds should be transferred, enter the number to be transferred, and click on the ‘Confirm’ button to initiate the dealings.

Benefits of NEFT

  • It is economical to use NEFT for cash transfers.
  • NEFT is constructed on a secure platform.
  • No would like of employing a cheque or a requirement draft (DD) for cash transfer.
  • Transferring cash doesn’t need you to go to the bank.
  • Initiate funds transfer online.
  • The transfer is often completed quicker, with convenience.