1. Summary
  2. Mobile wallets
  3. Reasons to use a mobile wallet
  4. Types of mobile wallets


A mobile pocketbook is simply what it feels like – a pocketbook that exists on your smartphone rather than in your pocket. Details of your credit and debit cards are held on firmly with the bank, permitting you to build payments to each, individual and vendor, whether or not at a mall or market right from your mobile.

Mobile wallets

A mobile pocketbook refers to a virtual pocketbook that stores a person’s virtual payment info and payment card info on a mobile device. it’s a payment service that enables individuals to send and receive cash just about. it’s a technology that’s used as a substitute for a pocketbook that individuals carry in their pockets. Some common samples of mobile wallets are Paytm, Airtel cash, Oxigen pocketbook, mRupee, Vodafone m-Pesa, Mobikwik.

Reasons to use a mobile wallet

  • Convenience: Mobile wallets alter transactions to be completed instantly. With some faucets here and some clicks there, you’re done. No additional waiting in long lines or attending to the ATM to withdraw money. There’s no higher satisfaction than buying what you wish in an exceedingly fast and convenient manner.
  • Easy and quick: once you use a mobile pocketbook, you don’t have to be compelled to keep getting into your card variety, ending date, CVV code, etc. whenever you create an acquisition. Once you enter your details, they’re holding on, and with a click, your payment goes through. Moreover, once you are in an exceedingly store, you’ll be able to avoid digging through your bag to look for your wallet; instead, simply obtain your phone which is often handy, scan the Asian country QR code and you’re done. It’s that easy!
  • Easily accessible: With all of your card details in one place, your regular transactions become easier to the method. Plus, your phone is often simply accessible, serving quite simply as a communication device.
  • Wide variety of uses: A mobile pocketbook will be used for varied transactions, like bill payments (DTH, electricity, water, broadband, cable, etc.), shopping for tickets for flights, buses or trains, buying picture show tickets, window spree, and even transferring cash. recently the reach of a mobile pocketbook has gone way wide.
  • Never miss a payment: along with your feverish and erratic schedules, you’ll tend to forget the date on which your bills are due. A mobile pocketbook will be your savior in such times. discovered autopay and also the app can mechanically pay your bills on the desired date. This helps you to approach your days hassle-free.
  • Security: Your physical pocketbook will be taken, however, your mobile pocketbook cannot. though you lose your phone, your mobile pocketbook has security settings that guarantee solely you’ll be able to access it. So, nobody will simply reach in and grab your identification. Moreover, once knowledge is transmitted via a mobile pocketbook for creating payments, the account variety isn’t communicated. Instead, encrypted payment codes are wont to guarantee security.
  • Discounts and offers: Mobile wallets usually have promotions, Reward Points, CashBack, bonuses, gifts, and different incentives that may prevent cash.

A one-of-a-kind app that’s left a long-lasting impression is PayZapp from HDFC Bank. It’s an app that enables you to manage your finances with efficiency and handily. in addition, currently, with its UPI options, you’ll be able to simply transfer cash to somebody else’s checking account. Its many stand out options, starting from its CashBack and Reward purpose offers, permits you to maximize on your savings, exclusive traffic jam with Flipkart store, shop, compare and obtain, amongst more.

It additionally has one of the foremost vital edges of this mobile pocketbook that outshines others. Through PayZapp, you don’t ought to load cash in your pocketbook to create transactions. Moreover, you’ll be able to link your Debit and Credit Cards permitting you to create your transactions through the joined card. this offers you the next transfer limit, as compared to different digital wallets

This gives you additional freedom to pay quite simply bills or for looking, however additionally for creating fund transfers to different parties.

Types of mobile wallets:

There are four different kinds of mobile wallets, namely: open, semi-open, semi-closed, and closed.

  • Open wallets are issued by the bank and permit the U.S. to withdraw money from ATMs, purchase merchandise and services, and additionally transfer funds.
  • Semi-open wallets don’t enable the people to withdraw funds or get wise back however will be wont to interact with merchants that have a contract with a selected whole.
  • Semi-closed wallets enable buying of products and services from the listed set of merchants and additionally perform money services at known locations however don’t alter retreating cash.
  • Closed wallets are issued by individual corporations to their customers to shop for merchandise and services solely from their company. during this sort of pocketbook, customers cannot withdraw cash.