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In today’s digital world cooperative banks ought to select the proper IT partner World Health Organization is agile and opens doors to multiple solutions. The IT partner ought to be capable to create the present digital technologies work for cooperative banks in a very sensible method. With a high level of expertness, cooperative banks supply a superior customary of services to customers, and that they area unit set to play a serious role within the country’s money sector.

Top Nine cooperative banks in India

  • Saraswat Cooperative Bank: Saraswat Cooperative Bank, shaped in 1918, is that the top cooperative bank in India. It a gift in six states and is headquartered in Bombay. It declared a lucre of Rs 651.69 large integer within the year ending thirty-first March 2020. Throughout the COVID international pandemic, the bank beat all restrictions obligatory and registered growth on all banking parameters. Saraswat Cooperative Bank offers glorious client support and has clear policies that have helped the bank to form itself up in concert with the giants of its kind within the country.
  • Cosmos Cooperative Bank: Cosmos Bank is that the initial of its kind to open a currency chest, with permission from the banking concern of India. This bank has made a number of the simplest figures in its capitalization and profits. These have helped Cosmos bank consolidate its position in concert with the simplest cooperative banks and have helped gain the trust of its customers.
  • Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank (SVC Bank)  Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank is taken into account as a pioneer in India’s cooperative banking system with its registration going back to 1906 in Bombay. India’s third-largest cooperative bank, Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank’s new company identity is SVC Bank. SVC Bank tries to serve the biggest range of individuals and includes a total business of over Rs.250 Billion. The bank has 193 branches across 10 completely different states of India. The “Best Urban Cooperative Bank” awarded by The Brihan Bombay Nagari Sahakari Banks in 2018.
  • Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank Ltd: Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank Ltd is that the initial bank on the list that started its operations once India’s independence in 1964. it had been started by the economically weaker section of laborers from Kalachowkie, Sewri, and Parel areas of Bombay with an initial investment of Rs 5000 and nowadays boasts revenues in billions.
  • Bharat Cooperative Bank: Bharat Cooperative Bank was based in 1978 with headquarters in Bombay. Although it’s comparatively new, the bank includes a client base of around 5.5 lakhs in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Bharat Cooperative Bank has well-kept with technical chronology and offers new tech solutions like mobile apps, varied card offers, and others. it had been awarded the “Best Urban Cooperative Bank” award in 2017 and therefore the “Best data Technology” award in 2016.
  • TJSB Cooperative Bank: The Thane Janata Sahakari Bank is one of the country’s biggest banks in terms of the number of individuals it serves daily. Based in 1972, nowadays it’s 136 branches in five states. The bank has been perpetually adapting itself to the most recent technologies to serve customers within the best method doable. It’s the primary co-operative bank to create UPI live and has some victory mobile applications and payment systems to create transactions and banking easier for the shoppers.
  • Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank: The geographic region & Maharashtra Cooperative bank opened in 1984 and is that the youngest bank to receive the scheduled bank standing from the banking concern of India. It’s 137 branches in six states and has received varied awards and accolades over the years. Most of its branches supply 12-hour banking services to their shoppers with some branches remaining open on Sunday and national holidays/ festivals additionally. The bank registered a profit of Rs 99.69 large integer in 2019, creating it one among the profitable banks within the country.
  • Janata Cooperative Bank: The Janta Cooperative Bank was based in Malleshwaram, Bangaluru. Having the names of some outstanding names within the country related to it, the bank is thought in a concert of the foremost clear banks with new goals set to be accomplished per annum. The bank includes a reserve of Rs 1,336.61 large integer providing shareholders with a continuing dividend of eighteen for several years.
  • Kalupur business Cooperative Bank: In 1970, Kalupur Cooperative Bank started in Kalupur with its branches in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The bank is client-friendly with some distinctive facilities that it provides. It’s the primary cooperative bank in Gujarat to get on RTGS and additionally the primary in Gujarat to urge a certified business organization.


Cooperative banks are dependable sources of monetary support for individuals, since pre-independence days. The co-operative banks became additional outstanding post-termination in November 2016, as they offered varied apps and net-banking solutions for easy operations. Co-operative banks are moving towards adopting initiatives to create their banking websites smartphone-compatible and friendly and upgrading ways concerning mobile banking.

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