2. General principles of the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees

3. Nigerian banks incorporate the URDG in their demand guarantees


The Interstate Commerce Commission Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees No. 7583 (URDG) may be a set of voluntary written agreement rules, printed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with the aim of regularizing and making a typical set of international banking observe on demand guarantees and counter demand guarantees.

It is vital to notice that the URDG might apply while not the parties expressly as well as it in bound instances, as well as wherever it’s within the general usage of a selected trade;7 wherever the applicable law provides for its application; or wherever it’s been in consistent use within the course of a dealings or dealings between the parties.

General principles of the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees 758

The URDG describes a requirement guarantee as any signed endeavor, but named or delineated, providing for payment on presentation of an obliging demand

Under the URDG, demand guarantees square measure fully freelance of any underlying relationship between the someone and beneficiary, and subject to solely the terms contained in it, thereby limiting the liabilities and rights of the patron bank to solely matters it voluntarily commits itself to. 

Nigerian banks incorporate the URDG in their demand guarantees

There square measure several reasons why a Nigerian bank ought to adopt the URDG in their demand guarantees, the key 5 is highlighted below:

Role: The URDG limits the guarantor’s responsibility and role within the agreement to managing, and examining given documents on their facial look of conformity solely, with none have to be compelled to verify the genuineness. What is more, Article seven of the URDG entitles a patron to disregard non documentary proof or necessities that can’t be verified from its records.

Although welcome by beneficiaries and guarantors, candidates on the opposite hand take into account this rule as associate degree exposure to the chance of fraud as a result of in an exceedingly scenario wherever a beneficiary presents falsified documents or sends inferior product, the patron bank isn’t needed to verify the validity of the products or services being rendered within the underlying contract, however just to look at the given documents on the facial look solely.  

That being aforementioned, the importance of this provision to the runniness of international trade can’t be gainsaid, as banks stay unencumbered by the underlying contract, square measure entitled to admit obliging documents, and square measure protected against liability in instances wherever falsified documents square measure given on a requirement for payment, because it places the responsibility on the someone to hunt redress within the law courts.

Amendments: Article eleven provides that wherever at the time of receiving directions to amend a guarantee, a patron for no matter reason isn’t ready or is unable to issue that change, the patron shall directly inform the party that gave the directions to amend of its refusal or inability to try to thus.

The patron so incorporates a discretion on whether or not or to not settle for associate degree instruction to amend a guarantee.

Entire Agreement: Article twelve of the URDG limits the liability of the patron to solely the terms contained within the agreement, thus more antagonistic and protective the patron bank from liabilities emanating from alternative agreements entered into by the opposite parties to the contract of that it should or might not even bear in mind.

Demand: Article fifteen of the URDG provides that wherever a beneficiary makes a requirement on a patron, the demand shall be among the documents per the guarantee and additionally by a supporting statement that indicates in what respect the someone is in breach of its obligations underneath the underlying written agreement relationship.

This rule beyond associate degree stands in favour of the patron bank as a result of it provides a chance or a basis upon that the patron might challenge a requirement in court by claiming that an related to statement is fake.

Currency Payment default: Article twenty one of the URDG ensures that a patron bank isn’t control in default within the event that it’s unable to pay the beneficiary within the currency per the demand guarantee, because of associate degree impediment on the far side its management or as a result of it’s criminal underneath the law of the place for payment, by providing that the patron might build payment within the currency of the place for payment, which require not be identical because the place wherever the presentation was created.

This provision additionally works in favour of the beneficiary, because it will rest assured that no matter unforeseen disruptions, payment is created in an exceedingly completely different currency (that is, the currency of the place of payment) in line with the applicable rate of exchange prevailing there once payment or compensation is due.

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